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A New forum Home For Headphoners!  

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Welcome to the new headphoners' forums, folks!

I've got good bandwidth behind it, and good hardware too.

Should be reliable, and should load fast, even under heavy loads (when the time comes).

Let's start it up!
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you've done a great job Jude. Thanks on behalf of all headwizers!

oh...and just for a favor, do you think you could give me back my 3,500 posts?
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Do you realize that this means we can no longer say "Search the forums" to newbies? argh! And I think the time is off...its 2 hours off for me.
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Yo Yo Yo
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hahah, nice HTML
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damn Ian, you're right! oh well though, they never listened anyway
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Testing again
Consider me edited
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test test
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hey, does Chu know about this yet?
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i like this place a lot better than ezboard or yahoogroups. let's hope chu gets headwize running soon.
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Multiple Responses

Neruda: I just e-mailed Chu about it.

skippy: This forum is intended to be permanent if need be. I've given it the proper hardware and bandwidth allocations to allow for substantial growth. Ergo, this forum should continue to load quickly even under very heavy loads.

Again, I've contacted Chu to let him know about this. Obviously, HeadWize was getting too expensive for him to run. I want to see what we can do to work together to make the HeadWize archives and data available (even if we have to host it).

We'll see how things develop.
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Yeah this has got to be the Headwize alternative (hmm some features on this board I'd like to see on the real Headwize)... Anyways, yeah, give me back my 2000 posts (err ok, more like, what, 700?)

Funny though, only 2 members, rest moderators at the moment...
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Hey Jude, this is great...

You've really done a nice job. I had withdrawls when headwize went down. Look forward to rackin' up the posts here now
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You think you had withdrawals flumpus? I was practically contemplating suicide!
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