Zune HD 64 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) Reviews


Not as good as Ipod, but equal in audio dpt


Pros: Good audio, lower cost

Cons: get what you pay for, limited usability

Well I had a chance to use the Zune HD 64GB mp3 player and I can say that the audio is NOT better to the Ipod touch but rather equal to, but again you ge what you pay for.   Zune is not as user friendly and limits the hardware you can use with it. I wasn't really that impressed with it's usability or versitility.  btw, The Apple Ipod can handle .flac files via the FLAC player program via itunes store. 

Better than itouch


Pros: Easy to use, subscription music, good audio quality, not an apple product, built well, fairly priced.

Cons: The dock connection only fits Zune products, has to be synced with Zune software.

  This was my first mp3 and I spent a lot of time looking at reviews and such. At the beginning I was going to buy the apple ipod touch but after reading the reviews of the touch I concluded that Zunes have better audio quality. I went to my local best buy to see if I could listen to their Zune HD but sadly the display Zune did not have any audio on it so I just had to go with what Cnet had to say about the Zune.   After purchasing the Zune I borrowed my friend’s ipod touch and compared the audio quality and I was surprised that the Zune HD had better audio quality. All aspects of the music are better on the Zune; however, the ipod touch was not horrible it was just not...
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