Zune HD 32 GB Video MP3 Player (Platinum) Reviews


Great player if you can still find one


Pros: Sturdy, good sound, Zune/Xbox Music subscription compatible, handles most music files, fun interface, beautiful screen, Zune desktop client

Cons: Limited app choice, Zune has been discontinued

Although I love music and have historically been fond of Apple products (since the Mac Classic), I never found a need for an iPod. They seemed cool, and I sort of wanted one, but I really didn't have much use for a portable player.   When I finally broke down and bought one for the gym, I went with a Sansa Clip, as reviews said it sounded better than all but a few iPods. Later I upgraded to a Sansa Fuze, which I also liked. But something was missing. I didn't just want to load up a device with MP3s; I wanted more of a curated experience ala Apple. But I didn't really want an iPod. *Everybody* had one of those, and the iTunes store's DRM (not a problem now) and interface...
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Worth every Penny


Pros: Sleek, OS is well organized very efficent, Sound Quality is natrual

Cons: No apps

Enjoyable, I upgraded from a iPod Nano 3'd gen. I love the OS it's very smooth, the addition of the HD Radio Tuner is great as well. Audio quality is good too, unlike my iPod, there's no hiss or excessive noise at high volume. Screen is wonderful, clear and vivid a little on the smaller size. All in all a great buy, but it's best for Digital Media playback only!

Most Underated MP3 Player!!!


Pros: Sound, UI, Touchscreen, OLED Display, HD Radio, Software, Zune Pass, Durability, Battery Life

Cons: Not many apps

I had an iPod Touch before this.  The headphone jack in the iPod broke again for the fourth time, so instead of dishing out $50 to fix it, I decided to buy the Zune HD.     The music player on the Zune HD is purely amazing.  It's a very cool and neat interface to play around with.  It made it fun to listen to music.  It also has an HD radio that is decent, but not extremely good.  However, it's still better than no radio.  The software for the PC is also sweet, a definite step above the iTunes interface.  It is very colorful and creative.  The software allows you to buy music straight from the Zune player or from your computer....
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Not an Ipod

I love the interface and design, beautiful to look at and use. A bit underpowered, but the Ipod is worse. I was honestly amazed at how light this thing is, but it is so sturdy. The actual Zune software made going through my music fun again, not just a long list of grey lines.

Simple and effective.


Pros: Low price per Gig. Nice UI. String drivers.

Cons: Me and the touch screen don't always agree on what I'm trying to do.

The UI: The UI is very easy to navigate and the screen looks great. I only have two complaints, the touch screen sometimes has trouble telling when I am swiping and scrolling, and the screen sometimes pulses when navigating the UI.    Sound quality: My IEMs sound great. The Zune also manages to drive my Denon D5000 satisfactorily though an amp is definitely needed for any high quality cans.    Apps: The apps market is pretty weak though with a total of 30 apps or so. However, Facebook and Twitter apps are available which should be enough for most people.    Why I bought it. Zune HD:...
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