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Yulong U100 Reviews


Yulong U100 - Amazing budget desktop DAC/amp


Pros: Powerful, transparent, RCA outputs, Line-in for Independent Amplifier use

Cons: Plastic volume control, stepping a little fiddly for sensitive headphones

  I wrote this review for my blog yesterday and wanted to post it here to shout about this really great device. Yulong makes three models of DAC. Their flagship model (D18 Sabre) seems stunning but its difficult to compare to other models that I've reviewed because it's not exactly the most elegant solution for desktop headphones. Not only is the Sabre DAC sporting beast a lot more expensive but it's not combined with an internal headphone amplifier and perhaps more crucially has no USB input. For all of these reasons most desktop users will want to stick to likes of the U100 or D100 mkII. The U100 costs £172 and uses the Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip. The...
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Surprisingly good for the $


Pros: Amazing value for money. Big step up from PC onboard sound. "Feels" like quality - nice stepped metal volume control.

Cons: "Yulong" sticker instead of etching on front panel. Not the prettiest piece of equipment.

This was my first step in trying to get decent sound out of a PC (playing MP3 files via WMP). With xFire GPU's there wasn't much room for an internal sound card, and I wanted a volume control I could use easily regardless of the application I was in. These came up on massdrop, and after reading a few reviews I figured there was nothing much to loose. It arrived the same day as my Philips Fidelio L1 Audiophile Headphones.  I was bitterly disappointed with the headphones (sold them soon after) - but the little DAC / amp took my AT-700's to a whole new level, and 18 months later I still use it daily and still enjoy the sound.   This is a pretty simple bit of gear....
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Yulong U100 : Very High Quality All The Way Around


Pros: Well made, well engineered, sounds great - perfect match for my laptop

Cons: Nothing that I have noticed

This is my first Amp/Dac, so I don't have anything to compare it to. I use this with a pair of Shure 840's and it puts my laptop audio out jack to SHAME! It's like night and day...

Nice compact USB DAC/amp combo for the price


Pros: Nice clear transparent DAC sound, warmish amp section that makes everything sound good, nice appearance and build quality

Cons: More power is always welcome

http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/540631/review-yulong-u100-compact-usb-dac-amp   Above is the link to my full review. In summary:   This is a great little USB DAC/amp for the price. Nice clear transparent DAC section paired with a somewhat warm and almost tube-like amp. There are plenty of good options out there in this price range, and the U100 is one of the best I've heard. Worth a try if you want a sub $250 USB DAC and amp combo. 
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