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very good

A Review On: Yulong Sabre D18

Yulong Sabre D18

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Pros: read below

Cons: to discover

Thanks to Rachael for a fast intervention for a minor shipping problem. Thanks to Yulong for fast shipping and use of DHL.


I have a high end audio system wich can reveal the quality and the weakness of an audio component. I received the Yulong Sabre D18 and hurried in connecting it with balanced interconnects to the audio system.  Alas, the sound was poor, thin, and had nothing in common with a good DAC.  Was it the false analog copy or lack of presence some people wrote about saying it is not a revealing DAC, and surely not a usable DAC for studio?  I was terribly disapointed of what looks like another weak electronic design.


Then I changed the cheap power cable for a Nordost top of the brand cable.  Wow, what a change it made!  Even if the unit was not burned in, the sound was suddently terribly good.  Lots of details, large sound picture, presence, impressive dynamics, resolves complex music with ease, no hearing fatigue, no aggressive sound when the volume is pushed up.  This DAC is definitely a high end component.


I tweaked a little bit with power source and cables and the D18 reacted promptly showing important differences, which is the signature of a high quality and high end component.


I will go on trying many alternatives like rca outputs, power sources, preamp, amp and speakers adjustments (which are possible on my system), and so on...


The audio system I use is the following:


. Computer powered by shunyata filter + Nordost QRT (people forget that it is the first component of the audio system)

. Windows 7 set up for audio

. Solid state disks (Sata connected)

. USB 3.0 from the computer (useless)

. Top of the brand Audioquest USB cable (Diamond)

. Hiface Evo with its external clock (much better than the Hiface USB key)

. The Evo and DAC are powered by an Advent Filter with teflon capacitors

. Nordost top the brand digital cable (1k$) to an Audio Research preamp

. Siltech interconnects between the pream and the amp

. MIT balanced cables to the amp

. VTL monoblocks MB450 amplifiers

. Shunyta Orion loudspeaker cables

. Vandersteen Model 5 speakers



  I will go on listening to this exceptional DAC and I will be back



1 Comment:

If this dac absolutely needs a very expensive power cable to function well, it seems for all practical purposes much more expensive than its price suggests. It should be compared to dacs of cost (D18+expensive power cable) used with their factory provided power cable.
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