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D18 Impression

A Review On: Yulong Sabre D18

Yulong Sabre D18

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Pros: Neutral with a slight warmth, and musical, good build quality

Cons: No usb port

Yulong D18 is the third DAC that I’ve owned and so far I’m very happy with it. My first DAC is Audinst HUD MX-1, after reading review on Headfonia and Head-fi (project86), I decided to go with the Audinst, then a few months later I bought the Dacport LX + Graham Slee Solo SRG II + HD650. It was a bundle and also my first step into the headphone world, before I was in IEM, after looking around in head-fi (seriously this website is bad for my wallet), I decided to give headphone a try.


My first set up is the Dacport LX + Graham Slee Solo SRG II + HD 650. It sounds good, really good, especially coming from IEM, at that time I thought I would be set for a while, then out of curiosity I try to pair the Audinst with the SRG II + HD 650, and from there, my trouble starts.


To my ears, the MX-1 sounds better than the LX, there are some parts of the LX that’s better than the MX-1 but for me, overall the MX-1 still sounds better. This might have to do with my set-up, as I’ve heard other set up and the LX definitely sounds great.




How does the D18 compare with LX and MX1? I’d say it’s better, it’s more “real” if it’s a way to express it, I can hear the instruments better it shows me where it is and let me focus on any aspect if I am to pick one, if not it’s detailed but not harsh, and not overly smooth either, it’s neutral. What comes in, comes out.


Oh and an extra bonus, bass is really good, it goes low, and has a nice punch to it. Really well done.


It wows me at first, but after spending more time with it, it WOWs you even more.

One way of expressing it is like this, remember the first time you finally get to watch an HD movie? And then get yourself a super nice monitor? It’s like that, still depends on the movie but makes it better, everything, colors get better, definition gets better, even for fast paced action.I know this is an audio review but I’m still pretty new in doing review, and this is the best way I can describe it.


Overall I’m very happy with it, and how it performs.


For those who are wondering, since the D18 does not have USB port, I use a USB to S/PDIF converter, by matrix audio. And I know that this converter based on some reviews from other similar products (Stello U3, Kingrex,etc) does add something to the sound (food for thought).


Build quality of the D18 is good, I’m actually surprised on how good it is(built like a tank), definitely no problem, design wise can use some improvement but, that’s a matter of preference.


I’d definitely suggest to give the D18 a try, it might just be the one you’re looking for.

Now if only I can stop lurking around from head-fi…


I agree. I have had a D18 for about a year and I really like it. I know that some think the sound is a bit soft, but I think they got the balance between smoothness and detail just right. I guess that I am sensitive to grainy sound and that is what I find in other DACs that have even more detail. The D18 is not grainy, just great imaging and detail with nice full sound.
I am using my D18 mostly with my speakers fed by S/PDIF from a Squeezebox Touch.
thanks lehmanhill How does the D18 plays with Squeezebox Touch? I'm thinking of getting that sometime in the future for speakers (once i have a better speakers)
It's great. The Squeezebox Touch has a quite good DAC inside, but the D18 is sweeter and more detailed. I am using an SPDIF digital cable (RCA connectors) and had no problems with integration.
By the way, you better get a Squeezebox Touch while you can. In October, Logitech stopped building the Squeezebox Touch and will move on to a new software and hardware platform. It sound like they will mainly build internet radios with integrated speakers, not the wifi server concept like the Touch. The Touch is still available, but only existing stock.
Thanks for the tip!
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