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Yulong Sabre D18 Reviews


Great value for the money


Pros: Crisp and Clear

Cons: None yet

I had an entry level Arcam rPac and was impressed with how it made my music listenable again ;-) Needless to say within the month I was looking at the next level of performance but set a $1000 threshold for my next Dac. From what I could tell, coax S/PDIF & Balanced outputs delivered the best sound in most setups. I researched similar Dacs for several months and considered the more mainstream units but eventually leaned toward vendors that had less features, accessories and marketing and more investment in the sound of the unit. For instance, do I really need a remote control for the Dac at my desk? A Led readout that never changes? In the end I...
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very good


Pros: read below

Cons: to discover

Thanks to Rachael for a fast intervention for a minor shipping problem. Thanks to Yulong for fast shipping and use of DHL.   I have a high end audio system wich can reveal the quality and the weakness of an audio component. I received the Yulong Sabre D18 and hurried in connecting it with balanced interconnects to the audio system.  Alas, the sound was poor, thin, and had nothing in common with a good DAC.  Was it the false analog copy or lack of presence some people wrote about saying it is not a revealing DAC, and surely not a usable DAC for studio?  I was terribly disapointed of what looks like another weak electronic design.   Then I...
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D18 Impression


Pros: Neutral with a slight warmth, and musical, good build quality

Cons: No usb port

Yulong D18 is the third DAC that I’ve owned and so far I’m very happy with it. My first DAC is Audinst HUD MX-1, after reading review on Headfonia and Head-fi (project86), I decided to go with the Audinst, then a few months later I bought the Dacport LX + Graham Slee Solo SRG II + HD650. It was a bundle and also my first step into the headphone world, before I was in IEM, after looking around in head-fi (seriously this website is bad for my wallet), I decided to give headphone a try.   My first set up is the Dacport LX + Graham Slee Solo SRG II + HD 650. It sounds good, really good, especially coming from IEM, at that time I thought I would be set for a while, then out of...
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just superb Yulong D18


Pros: transparent, timbre, image

Cons: no usb

it has details (transparent), beautiful image, very nice timbre, strong bass, subtile high xlr outputs     not my first dac and far from it (previously a naim dac), possibly the last

Nicely build quality and good sound for the money


Pros: Reasonable price, better than expect sound & product quality.

Cons: Lack of USB input & the red LED is too bright

The D18 is my first exposure to the Yulong product. Both the sound and build quality of this DAC exceed my expectation,which gives me so much confidence in the Yulong product. Consequently I purchased the U18 so that I can use the USB of my MacBook Pro as the music source source. Now, I am quite happy with my little set up, which do not cost me an arm and a leg like similar products. May do more business with Yulong in the future.  

This is a Really Nice Dac


Pros: Nice construction, amazing sound, great value pricepoint

Cons: honestly I find none yet, I do not use usb but there is no usb

  This exceeded my already high expectations.  I ran this from my macbook with the optical cable, used my Matrix M Stage and Yulong A18, even my Ibasso D12 as my amp choices.   I use HD 650 and 598's with this unit.   Not much of a review but if you have questions I will gladly answer as best I can.

Sabre DAC with a warm, tube-like sound


Pros: Fuses the usual strengths of the ES9018 DAC with a warmer, smoother tone than most - perfect for people who love vinyl or tube gear

Cons: Lack of USB could be a big deal for some

            When it comes to DACs, many people have the misconception that the actual chip used for D/A conversion is the only thing that really matters. That makes about as much sense as saying the drivers in a speaker are all-important, and the crossover/enclosure don’t matter much. When we put it in those terms it sounds like nonsense. Yet this thinking persists in the realm of D/A conversion. Experience has shown that you can have an excellent sounding DAC using a fairly basic DAC chip. Likewise, you can have a DAC that sounds unimpressive, even though it may use the latest/greatest chip (or even several of those chips). The total overall...
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