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Yulong D100 MKII Reviews


Ultimate performer for a moderate price tag


Pros: Smooth, natural, deep punchy bass, superb sound for its price, design, lots inputs, display

Cons: Volume knob (stepped volume control), on/off switch in rear

Let me first say that this is my first Yulong product. And while I've used many Chinese products before, Yulong stands out in its own way.                             The DAC section is wonderful, it just hits exactly where I want it - at least for now, considering my listening preferences (which have a tendency to change). It hits the right notes for me. Going from a warmish DAC like the Audio-gd NFB gave me more joy in the treble department when using the D100. I firmly believe in that the DAC should be as neutral and transparent as possible (colouration should only be picked in an amplifier or...
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Update to the D100: improved sound and reliability


Pros: Excellent sound: detailed, transparent, and precise with very little grain, headphone amp even more capable than prior version

Cons: No support for 88.2kHz, no async USB

    Yulong D100 MKII       A few years back I did a fairly extensive evaluation of the Yulong D100. It was my first experience with the brand and I was exceedingly impressed with its performance – so much so that I’ve tried almost all the Yulong products since then. Each has been impressive for its cost: The U100 is a nice compact USB DAC for a low price. The A100 amp complements the D100 nicely and offers extreme clarity and focus; I can’t believe it has not become more popular. And the new Sabre D18/A18 flagship combo is quickly becoming one of my favorite setups – I just can’t stop listening to it. Yet the D100 remains Yulong’s “bread...
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Best DAC I've heard


Pros: Smooth, powerful, great soundstage, reliable, great connections, USB rocks!

Cons: Nothing

I've was going to get the D100 from all the great reviews that it got around here but as I was about to buy I found out about the mkII so waited and got it as soon as it was released. I don't regret it for a second! It wiped the floor with the CEntrance DACport I had previously and disliked because of the terrible bass but this thing has a really weighty low end without sacrificing detail. I have heard a better sound from one machine but it was a slight improvement and it was twice the price! (M-DAC)
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