Yulong A100 with Grado GS1000

A Review On: Yulong A100 Class A Headphone Amplifier

Yulong A100 Class A Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: Musical, neutral, detailed, low noise

Cons: UV meters don't add value, low cost potentiometer, plastic volume knob

Previously used the Shanling PH300(0) with my Grado GS1000, which was not a good match. The Grado sounded way too harsh and tiring, already after slightly turning the volume up.

As a result, I purchased the Yulong A100, which was basically another wild guess, despite the positive review on HF. I am very happy with the sound the GS1000 produces when powered by the Yulong A100, which is tight, airy, punchy bass, detailed and musical.

Altogether I can really recommend the Yulong A100.


A few comments to the designer, which could be considered for an I(improved) future version:

- Improve the potentiometer (Alps RK27?)

- Remove the UV meters (too small to add any value)

- Replace the platsic volume know with an aluminium one




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