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Yongle IP-802 Headphones

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Pros: Foldable, light, stylish, detatchable cord, adjustable.

Cons: Uncomfortable, cord arrived broken, bass is unimpressive.

I bought my pair for $15.00 new, but knowing what I know now, I would not buy them again. The Yongle IP-802's sound similar to my $10.00 Philips earbuds; the cord arrived broken, and the headphones are uncomfortable when wearing them for long periods of time. That being said, they are about the same size as Studio Beats by Dr. Dre, though the Yongle's are lighter. The Yongle's share the Beats' foldability, style, and adjustability-which make them somewhat more portable than other full-sized headphones-but these advantages do not outweigh the Yongle's poor audio and build quality.

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Yongle IP-802 Headphones

Foldable over-ear Yongle headphones. These headphones are cheap, passable knock-offs of Studio Beats by Dr. Dre.

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