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Yamaha YH 100 Orthodynamic Headphone

A Review On: Yamaha YH-100

Yamaha YH-100

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Pros: Sound so smooth in mids and bass. Respond well to EQ

Cons: The need to mod with felt. Rolled off highs. NEED POWER

There is a warm detailed sound to these. I feel more immersed in the atmosphere of the recording.  You need LOTS of power to get the YH100 to sound its best. It seems (at least to my ears) to need a smile EQ with more emphasis on the highs. Everything sounds clear and effortless. MAAD BASS as well. The bass extension is unlike anything I've heard to date. I wonder what the mod for these sounds like. With some EQ'ing, these sound awesome. The highs are there btw.... waiting to be unleashed. I can crank the bass up to levels as high as any basshead could ever want with no distortion. Transient response is good across all frequencies. The highs are detailed, yet rolled off, and need EQing or damping. As long as EQing does it for me, ill just let these remain unmodded.


I know I used the word "EQ" ..... ahhh the devil, but I lack the testicular fortitude to hack up a perfectly good pair, and for their age, they look more new than old. 300 to anyone in the Bakersfield area.
I had a set of these that lasted me from 1984 to 2004. They were glorious cans. They need driving hard though - thankfully Technics headphone outputs suited then very well indeed.
I added dampening behind the drivers and switched the pads to make them like full size cans and not on ear. Way more comfy now and the soundstage and imaging didn't seem to suffer.
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