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Sound on par with its some popular names

A Review On: Yamaha PRO 500

Yamaha PRO 500

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Pros: Very easy to drive with a fun EQ

Cons: Headband hurts and they look like a Beats rip off

I was looking for a cheap and cheerful, fun sounding closed can for listening at my computer at work and some limited portable use.  I typically listen to EDM in this setting and had been using the Shure 840s. Although a great headphone the 840’s did not have the low end horse power or staging to show EDM at its best and they are not at all portable.  I auditioned several lower price closed cans and it came down to the V Moda M-100, the Yamaha Pro 500 and the NAD Viso HP50.  To my ears the three contenders were similar in EQ for EDM with good bass, clear highs and respectable sound stage for closed cans.  However, when I switched genres the mids in the HP50 showed their weakness sounding quite recessed to my ears.  This can also be an issue with vocal trance.   Although none of these cans can compete with the Shure 840s in the midrange, the M-100 was the best of the three and probably the winner in overall SQ with the Pro 500 a close second.  For this particular application the HP50’s couldn’t compete.  However, when price was factored in the Pro 500 seemed to take the value lead.  The Pro 500s are so easy to drive that just about any source will work with them.  Depending on the genre, the Pro 500s are a fun sounding headphone and a solid value at around $200 (street price).


If you use an iDevice. Install the Accudio app by Golden Ears then find PRO500 in their list of headphones. From there choose simulator mode and have them replicate an SHR940. Then they sound very good, detailed and the highs come out.  Highly recommended, changes them into a different headphone.
Thanks for the comparison info. Haven't tried the HP50s yet but just got the Pro500s for a great price. Agree totally with you on their sound quality and very easy to drive. Was still planning to get the HP50s since most everyone raves about them (despite some comfort issues with its unusual headband) but may reconsider now. 
REALLY enjoying my PRO500S out of an iPad Retina. it drives them to thunderous levels with no amp (actually sounds better without an amp), and has well integrated bass sub bass and
sparkley treble. midrange is recessed, but you can't have everything.  perfect for streaming EDM
Rock, and heavy hitting music.  quite a bass beast with those kinds of music...recommended.
note:  they need substantial burn in to sound optimal, at least 40 hours...
"I was looking for a cheap and cheerful..."
Damn, a $400 can for half price? Lucky you! I was so close to getting this pair...
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