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Yamaha HPH-MT220BL Reviews

Janos Kardos

Yamaha HPH-MT220 vs Audio-Technica M50x - Updated in Nov 2016


Pros: Crystal clear sound

Cons: No hard case by Yamaha - Solution: 20x18x9cm general headphone hard case (perfect fit)

Hi guys, I spent several hours (more than 40 hours research) to find the best headphone for my budget (under AUD $200). I tried to read as many reviews (mainly the 1-2 stars) as I could to know well-known issues with particular headphones and after spending hours on this, I recognised that I cannot buy an over-ear headphone without trying it in a local shop. Reviewers complain all the time about comfort like "I can't wear it for more than an hour", etc., so this is the best advice that I can give to you: Go to the local shops, test the headphones, choose one, go online and buy it OR go back to the local store and buy it there. Unfortunately headphones die usually after 1,5-2 years usage...
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Amazing neutral sound for little money.


Pros: Crystal clear sound, punchy tight and detailed bass, smooth treble which extends amazingly, smooth mids, decent to very good soundstage, MICRODETAIL

Cons: Discontinued (a con because now its harder to get them(maybe not even a con?)), a bit shallow earpads, non replaceable headband

This is my first review.   I will cover a few points about this headphone as best as i can and will then compare them to some other headphones mainly the Sennheiser HD700.   Price: I got these for 167€ which is basically a steal considering the sound quality of these.  Built: These are built very sturdy. I don't have them long enough to judge how they will last over the course of the years but they are made of aluminum and very hard sturdy plastic. The earpads while looking good quality are from what i've heard not that long lasting and will flake with time. Same with the headband. Again, this is only what i've heard.    Comfort: The MT220's are pretty...
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Pros: bass, detail, comfort, swappable pads, balanced tuning.

Cons: No detachable cable, case or pouch, needs burn in.

YAMAMAHA HPH-MT220 REVIEW   preface: People can become fans of a product and get scared to be honest but I can honestly stand by the impressions below without wavering.  Other reviews I have posted are not as in depth for a reason as I feel this one worthy of full coverage(not that I am a good reviewer or anything... just saying).                                                                                 OVERVIEW: They are accurate for professional use with...
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Possibly the best value and sound quality for your money out of full-sized and/or studio geared cans.


Pros: build, COMFORT, weight, headband, sleek looks, long term wear W/O fatigue, full spectrum sound that is both fun and accurate

Cons: Can be hard to find at the $140 deal I got; look around as they are normally $200-250+ new/used

Preface: Nothing too technical here; just wanted to give my impression as someone that had to "downgrade" from the HE-400's recently and has tried dozens of full-sized cans. I have had these things only a week, but with my experience I can quickly tell what they are and can do. Setup/review: Did my standard headphone test I do with them all (it's low end focused, but that is a huge thing for me in headphones; also these track do have acoustic elements and I know EXACTLY how they should sound and will test the low-end limits of cans easy) and all I have to say are these are some of the best cans i've ever tried period. I was NOT expecting the low end to be as good as it is considering...
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Great clear, neutral sound, well balanced easy to drive


Pros: Amazing sound for the price, easy to drive, balanced.

Cons: Could be more comfortable and build a bit better.

Yamaha mt220's are amazing headphones which offer top notch sound quality for little expense. They do net need an amp to drive, but still work well with one. Neutral sounding while still maintaining a good, realistic sound. They blow the m50x out of the water, if you are looking for a cheap set of cans with pristine quality look no further.

Very good closed headphones


Pros: Great value; great for multiple applications; balanced sound; moddability (see forums)

Cons: Moderate lack of clarity; may fit too large for smaller heads; annoying coiled cable

Anyone looking for a set of closed portable headphones needs to try the Yamaha MT220. Why the MT220 and not one of the many other models available on the market? It’s simply one of the overall best-sounding closed portable headphones I’ve heard, regardless of price—and the fact that until recently it was available from B&H Photo for $150 practically made it a steal!   The MT220 is one of those headphones that probably won’t impress anyone upon first listen; it certainly didn’t impress me initially. There was no “wow” factor—its treble was just a bit subdued to me (but I personally like treble, so that may be a good thing for those who don’t), its bass lacked an extra oomph that...
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