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HPH-200 Review

A Review On: Yamaha HPH-200 Headphone (Black)

Yamaha HPH-200 Headphone (Black)

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Pros: Generously extended bass for an open can, good detail, good soundstage, I forget it is on my head (velour), portable.

Cons: Can sound veiled or heavy if you come from bright headphones, jack of all trades (master of none).

My audio chain is MP3@320 or FLAC > HiFimeDIY USB Isolator > HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 > Fiio 6" cable > Objective2 w/ 16v 400mA adapter > HPH-200.


If you are looking for a ~$100 on ear open can that has detailed but punchy bass (a rarity), a nice soundstage (nothing to rant about), and a well tuned mid-high range these are your best bet. They will probably pair best with a neutral or cold amplifier... Otherwise I think the bass could be unbalanced. It doesn't seem to bleed into the mids. Sibilance only shows up if it is not dealt with by the musician's mixing team.


The HPH-200 can handle pretty much every genre acceptably. Their utility keeps them from excelling at particular things... though the bass can get that crunchy edge for low electric guitar tunings and electronic music.


Comfort with the HPH-200 is good - velour! It beats the tar out of similar on ear headphones (hem, Grado).


The closest comparison I have is a Grado SR80i, which makes some vocals more smooth/lush at the expense of bass response and comfort. I'd pick the HPH-200 over the SR80i for everything that isn't all about vocals.


Buy it if you can.


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