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Yamaha EPH-M100 High-Performance Earphones Reviews




Pros: Sound is clear and crisp, great sub-bass response

Cons: Cable is not the best

Bought these two months ago, and they are my favorite IEM to date. One thing to note is that I did indeed get the condensation problem. It has only happened a handful of times, and has completely cured up, but it is something to be aware of. I had to dock a half star from the Design rating because of this issue. They're still my favorite IEMs, though. I might have some funny ear canals too, as most people never got the problem.   For me, personally, these trump the GR07, SE215, and MC5/3/2. I always recommend that you do your own testing. For example, many people may find the GR07 to be on par or slightly better, whereas I found the EPH-100 to be much better. I'm chalking it up...
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Great pair of earphones


Pros: Great noise cancellation, wonderful bass

Cons: earbuds are not comfortable

I really like this earphone because it gives you wonderful sound quality at a reasonable cost. When I started listening to all the songs on my laptop with this earphone and also all of the smooth jazz, it was as if the whole world was cut off because of the noise cancellation. I use it on the airplane and I couldnt hear the tons of babies that were on the plane .   I tried it with three different devices ( mac book pro . galaxy tab and galaxy s3 phone ) and each had excellent results.   It comes with a really good earphone puch with idfferent size buds. The buds get a little uncomfortable after a while.   Definitely buy if this is your first pair of expensive earphones

Best bang for the buck ever


Pros: Excellent sound quality, bass, separation

Cons: Uncomfortable eartips, durability

This is my second pair of EPH-100s. I purchased my first pair in the beginning of 2012 some while after they became a FOTM here on Head-fi. Strangely enough I would have thought that they would have increased in price with the popularity these have, but I got the second pair for $15 less than the first pair I bought. The first pair survived a lot of hours of music at work, but the housings were starting to fall apart. The tips have also become very uncomfortable and I thought it was about overdue to get a second pair.    Listening to the replacement set I was immediately smitten with these all over again. What a bargain for the sound quality on offer! I can't think...
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Yamaha EPH-100SL Review


Pros: Detailed, thick bass; Clear mids; Circular soundstage; Instrument separation; Build quality; Isolation

Cons: Unusual treble; Unsure cable

      I come from a long line of mid-range earphones including the Sennhiser CX300II, Klipsch Image S4, Monster Beats by dr dre Tour, and Monster Jamz. I was looking for an earphone that I can continue producing electronic music on and concluded, by the reviews, that the Yamahas were my best bet. They were not that expensive here in S. Korea, being approximately 124 dollars. I craved prominent bass (not basshead-ish nor Balanced Armanture like; just clear bass), good instrument separation, and good build quality. First Impressions: When I first put these in and listened to Below Us by Seven Lions, I was amazed at how clear the bass  rumbles and kick...
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Solid sounding and even more solidly built


Pros: Fantastic bass in every meaning of the word; mids are still forward and not killed by the bass; build quality is A++; fit for me was great

Cons: Treble is hollow and uninteresting; sound is similar to other contenders at lower prices

Incredible bass in quantity, quality, clarity, everything. Easily as good or better than all other contenders at this price range, I don't care who they are. Midrange still has great presence. Sadly, the treble is kind of crummy, and it made me sell them. The treble is worse quality on the EPH-100 than on the Vsonic GR06, while still having a similar sound signature, and the Vsonic GR06 is 1/3 the price. The EPH-100 perform better in all other aspects, including fit and build quality, but only a little; and the treble issue is too much for me to overlook. I guess I'm a bit of a treble-head.

Yamaha EPH-100 Impressions


Pros: Build quality, punchy bass, detail

Cons: Possibly long-term comfort

  Hi   Basically these are the best £80 I've spent in ages. Coming from a pair of CX300 II's the difference really is night and day, where the Sennheiser's were all undefined mushy bass that drowned everything else, the bass in these Yamaha's is really tight, accurate and punchy. It's powerful but very controlled, so it doesn't cover the rest of the music.   It's a really enjoyable sound, the balance is exactly what I wanted: you get lots of detail and good separation, the treble isn't harsh and the mids are nice and smooth.    They also seem really well built, the aluminium housings are nice and solid and they have a reassuring weight to them. ...
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Microscopic size earphones craving for microscopic details. Impressive but overrated.


Pros: Excellent sound quality, very good mids, super articulate bass presentation, good instruments separation

Cons: Little too bright, sound can be too foward with some type of music, cable look fragile

I just sell my Yamaha EPH-100, so before I forget how they sound I will write a little review here.   My attempt for this micro driver earphones was BIG, especially because of the praise I found here on Headfi. So yes, let's be honnest: I wasn't that impressed the first time I listen to them, I try to convaince myself but the soundstage wasn't large enough and I feel lack of air between instruments even if the separation was great. In other words, if I listen to them without having read numerous review I will surely have a more objective opinion.   CONSTRUCTION: Wasn't very impress by the construction, perhaps more by the ingenery behind it. The earshell are nice brushed...
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Pros: very good sound, comfortable, production quality

Cons: lack of microphone

It is the most fun in ear I have ever had at this price. 

Excellent SQ for the money


Pros: Imaging, detail, responsive and dynamic or engaging sound.

Cons: Fit can be an issue. Perhaps for perfection a bit more sub bass and sparkle up top and a wider SS but that is perfection.

Read a ton of reviews before purchasing. However, I will be honest and say that I was a bit let down by the bass. Don't get me wrong, its very detailed and balanced and perhaps there lies my issue, I was under the impression that these were more bassy. I am a bit of a basshead, in that, I like to feel it. Obviously, to many these have plenty of bass and the upper bass is there but it diminishes as it gets deeper to my ears which surprised me, again due to reviews. For the vast majority of what I listen to the bass is fine but for electronic stuff there is near zero rumble where there should have been. This could be due to the fact that I cannot insert them but rather rest them inside...
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Balanced Beauties


Pros: Build Quality / Sound Quality / Value

Cons: Thin Wiry Wire / Not The End All In Detail

Nothing is perfect & these earbuds are certainly a compromise. None the less, they are not too bright, not too boomy, not too recessed, & not too expensive. The sound is overall rich & smooth; therefore far less fatiguing yet still enjoyable. Soundstage is lacking, still separation is very good giving impressive imaging [for the device category & price]. Fit is way too personal too recommend for any head spks. Too each their own. Enjoy!
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