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Great for bassheads which just want thump, great fit for any ear

A Review On: Yamaha EPH-20

Yamaha EPH-20

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Pros: Powerfull thumping bass, good isolation, solid plastic construction of earbud housing

Cons: bass is lacking in detail, highs are very short and tinny and sound like hissing

These buds came from amazon I was simply looking for something more suited to the bass head genre of music that really packed a punch. True these do pack a punch but to be very honest with you all they only pack a punch. The bass is actually extremely poor, there is a difference between punch and tight punch. The bass in these gives a punch that makes your ears rumble but the actual detail and tightness of the bass is very loose and muddy.


The price of these was a bit expensive for nothing but a bass booming earphone, the highs in these lack l loads with it just ending up like distant hissing because everything including the mids are drowned out by the intense over powered lows. The only thing these are good for is providing big deep kicking bass. As for the build quality I am pretty impressed with the cable and plastic housing of the driver. I stepped on the driver coming out of bed and it did not split, only a mere crack is visible and has not affected sound or the fit in my ear. The jack is more fitted and is a tough more durable rubber which you can really trust. The cable is good and does not have a huge habit of tangle, the wire is in a thick rubber housing making it very tough and not a problem to pull out of your pocket.


Overall I would say the build of these things is pretty dam good but the sound lets it down by a mile making it more budget earphone for all rumble of bass with no real clarity or balance in the other frequencies.


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