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Best bang for the buck ever

A Review On: Yamaha EPH-100SL Inner-Ear Headphone

Yamaha EPH-100SL Inner-Ear Headphone

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Pros: Excellent sound quality, bass, separation

Cons: Uncomfortable eartips, durability

This is my second pair of EPH-100s. I purchased my first pair in the beginning of 2012 some while after they became a FOTM here on Head-fi. Strangely enough I would have thought that they would have increased in price with the popularity these have, but I got the second pair for $15 less than the first pair I bought. The first pair survived a lot of hours of music at work, but the housings were starting to fall apart. The tips have also become very uncomfortable and I thought it was about overdue to get a second pair. 


Listening to the replacement set I was immediately smitten with these all over again. What a bargain for the sound quality on offer! I can't think of any headphone that I've listened to that offers even remotely close to the amount of bang for the buck that these do. In some ways I like them more than the Westone 4s I had previously. The W4s are obviously more detailed and neutral, but these have a certain fun factor and they sound great with modern music and anything electronic. The dynamic drivers also convey a lot of impact which contributes to the fun factor of bass heavy music.



Excellent sound quality, great bass, very good separation and imaging in the mid range, smooth sounding, very good isolation. I was wearing these while sitting close to a couple of 5-axis CNC routers and these isolated the noise very well.



The housings on my first pair fell apart after a year and half's usage. Difficult to get the tips off if you wish to swap them. the ear tips become uncomfortable with extended listening. They also seem to lose some of their flex as they become older. Treble is a bit non descript, but adequate.


I can't agree with you more. They really are a gem, and for 120 bucks, you can't do better. I LOVE my electronic music with them. They really do have nice impact and bass response.
What do you can say about the soundstage (and compared w4r) ? 
Sound staging is adequate, though I'm yet to find an IEM that really excels in this area compared to full size headphones. The W4 does have a wider and more spacious sound stage, but its very ear tip dependent which can be frustrating.
All IEM's are very tip dependent. Bass response is usually all about the seal you get. Provided you get a good seal, the EPH are very enjoyable and just fun.
On my third pair. Can't get enough of these. Despite the frustration of having one side completely die once, and one entire pari go out, I loved these enough to get a third.
You have good taste^ I have a few expensive pairs of headphones and these are just as enjoyable. Such a great signature.
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