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Amazing Budget Headphones - Best I Have Had.

A Review On: Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 MK301

Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 MK301

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Pros: Everything; design, sound, box, tangle free cord, smells like chocolate.

Cons: If something; the comfort. Probably due to my tiny experience with in-ear.

Okay, a great review from thatbeatsguy convinced me to buy these headphones, and I don't regret that I did. I received them earlier today and been playing different kind of music since. 

This is going to be a short review, just to confirm that the earlier reviews are absolutely correct. The headphones are amazing. The sound is extremely clean and crisp, you are easily able to distinguish the different instruments and vocals. The bas is great and the sound level is pleasing. A big plus is the chocolate, or coco, smell on the headphones. Don't know why or how, but it smells good! The box is packed by a design company, which has resulted in a good looking, simple box. The cord is tangle free and it works to play and pause on the control. Unfortunately iPhone users, like myself, can't change the volume on it. I'm not used to in-ear phones, so I don't think they are too comfortable. But hey, so is every other in-ear phone for me. Don't blame the headphones. 


The sum it up:

They are the best budget headphones, or even normal in-ear phones, I've ever tried. (I haven't tried so many, but still). The sound quality is amazing, the price is even more amazing. If you are able to; BUY THEM!!


And yeah, this might sound a bit one-sided, but I'm not kidding, the headphones are amazing. 




Great review, I agree with you completely! You are a genious. Have you got KIK or Snapchat?
I ordered mine directly from Xiaomi World and they arrived yesterday after a pretty standard 3 week wait.
Straight out of the box, I got that lovely chocolatey smell.
I plugged them into my iPhone 5 for a quick listen and noticed an immediate improvement in all respects over my Vsonic R02 PIIs.
This model Vsonic was regarded as a benchmark product until fairly recently and purchased locally in Australia, cost AU$99.00.
The Pistons cost me AU$32.00 shipped!
The Xiaomis are more extended in the top end, much fatter in the bass, and much more transparent sounding in the mid and upper mids.
While the treble more prominent compared to the Vsonics, it is clean and precise and far from harsh and fatiguing.
Bass is very deep and powerful. It's also more defined and I can hear textures now rather than just tones.
The mid lends the stage a much more layered presentation and an improved sence of exactly where performers are located relative to each other.
The stage now really fills my head and the whole listening experience is more intense and involving.
These are a very revealing phone and I am really enjoying hearing so much more of the recording.
They only have about 4 hours on them now but they're already running in nicely and gaining in musicality (the top is smoothing out a touch more).
And to think I was looking at Martin Logan Micros 70s or products from Monster for 10x the price.
Not any more.
xiaomiworld can not be visited,i search it on google ,it has been changed to tangworld.com, the pistons 3rd link is http://www.tangworld.com/original-new-xiaomi-in-ear-mi-piston-earphones-upgraded-design-standard-version.html
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