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Xears Bombastic Force XBF400PRO


Pros: Lush, Deep rounded bass, Extended highs

Cons: Annoying Sibilance

[I do not have trained ears, nor do I have a great setup. Hopefully I use the right words to describe the sound]


Even with the sibilance I love listening to them more than my SoundMagic E10 and my Alessandro MS2 (Grado 325is). The E10s are pretty good, but they somehow lack the fullness that makes listening satisfying. The XBF400Pro delivers just that. They produce rich and satisfying sound- fairly warm with highs that stand out. The Mids are not recessed. They are full and soothing. These phones love bass, it goes deep and has a rounded feel to it which I prefer over punchy bass. Nice! The highs are fairly extended.



These are highly sibilant phones. Just as I was writing this I thought of inserting tiny bits of facial tissue into the buds to cut off the higher frequencies, the first time anybody has tried it I guess! It really cuts off the sibilance, the treble is hell a lot of recessed now. I do not mind that much.  It helps me relax and enjoy the mids and the base much better.


They are really well made. You feel confident tossing them in your bag or pocket when you travel.


Conclusion: I would recommend Xears as a brand to anyone without thinking twice, but not this particular model just because of the sibilance

Xears Bombastic Force XBF400PRO

excellent sound superlative by the latest high-end Neodymtreibertechnologie 10 mm multiple layer diaphragm neodymium high-end (multi-layer membrane) Plastic housing are deep, rich, powerful bass, crisp mids, clear highs Pure High Power! Club Sound Feeling! suitable for all genres of rock / pop, techno and classical music unique, captivating, elegant design and perfect finish Laser engraved with fine Xears logo on the case 3.5 mm gold-plated straight plug fits for PC, laptop, MP3 player, etc. .. symmetrical low tangle ribbon - Rubber - cable for easy carrying Cable length 1.30 m Frequency range 5-25000Hz 124 db spl maximum SPL @ 1kHz 120mW pure power

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