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WooAudio WA7 Fireflies Reviews




Pros: So gorgeous even the most unsupportive of audiophile wives will allow it in without asking too many questions, sounds as good as it looks, compact.

Cons: Will take up a lot of your "spare time".

Sorry for the late reply, but here we are after day1. I should start by saying that due to working 10am-6pm today, i didnt get as much time with the WA7 as i would have liked although i did get a couple hours in and some very interesting results. First off, some pics of when i first picked it up from A2A, god it was smaller than i thought!!!! = Next to the ever so tiny Pan Am "portable" amp... almost the same size, in fact apart from a couple mm more of  width, and half a bees bit in length (actually less) = the same size. One thing i did notice is that the 6c45's absolutely DWARFED the little dinky valves in the Pan AM. Build quality and finishes, there was...
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Great amp for people wanting a straight-forward, attractive and neat all-in-one DAC/amp.


Pros: Good DAC. Small form factor. Beautiful. Dead silent background. Great with IEMs. Plenty of power for orthos. Good for all cans. DAC works w/power off.

Cons: Only one optional set of tubes.

A Tale of Two Tube Amps Woo Audio WA7 and ALO Audio PanAm       My normal gear preference and choice for many years has been solid state. I have held a curiosity, however, in tube-based audio gear and the possibilities and presentation that comes from it. It might be considered ironic that considering how endlessly I have been fiddling with my main system for years now that I wouldn't consider an amp that would allow me to do this considerably more via tube rolling, but my indecisiveness has intervened more often than not, especially when presented with too many options.    Likewise, many people, when seeking suitable audio equipment to buy, simply want...
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Killer Sound AND Looks?! - A Review of the Woo Audio WA7


Pros: Aesthetics, size, volume control, upgradeable, value

Cons: Not great for rolling tubes, fingerprint-prone

Ah, the WA7 "Fireflies" from Woo Audio. As stunning to behold as it is to hear! This is my first piece of amp/DAC kit that retails for over $1k and well, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I think you people who spend that kind of dough on these things are only slighly less crazy.  Here's why:   The Breakdown:     Test Songs (all ALAC either 16/44 or 24/96):   Limit to Your Love - James Blake - James Blake What About Me, Kite, Lingus - Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here Rich Girl, I Want You Back - Lake Street Dive - Fun Machine The Twilight Zone - Rush - 2112 The Table - Chris Tomlin - Love Ran Red Make It Mine - Jason Mraz - We Sing, We...
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Call of a siren


Pros: Beautiful amp Beautiful sound

Cons: Price

A truly stunning aesthetic combined with a high level of functionality and a beautiful sound suggests the Wa7 will be around for a while. Purists may be turned off by the internal USB powered dac , LED enhanced tube glow and the lack of rolling options. I think this unit will really appeal to people who may have been interested in a tube amp but worried about the potential problems. The Wa7 is a set and forget solution just plug in switch on and relax.

Love the Woo WA7


Pros: Sound quality, silent background, distinct vocal/instrumental separation, size, looks, weight, high/low impedance switch, low fatigue listening.

Cons: Price, no power cord included.

Takes the edge off the Sennheiser HD800's thereby matching up well with them.  Great separation, silent background and low fatigue factor.  Not much to say that hasn't already been said before.  Very nice little tube amp.

Has potential


Pros: Very beautiful, great soundstage,

Cons: heavy, inportable, expensive

So just wanted to write this review to say that it makes some weak headphones sound amazing as well!   I just sold my hd800 today. Without it i thought I might as well sell my wa7. However I got this idea to try these wa7 to with my hd598. This never cross my mind cause the hd598 is too low class for the wa7 i thought. But since I don't have any other headphones to plug into the wa7 with (besides my bose 25 which is a obvious no), i tried it. And it AMAZED ME! My sennheiser hd598 sounds better than then HE400. I don't know if thats still worth it as wa7 is like $1400 (tube power source). But it did made my hd598 go to another whole level (as it did my hd800 as well of course but...
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Very Impressive


Pros: sound quality, build quality, style

Cons: price, dac selection

I have had this unit now for a week and am fully impressed.  Right out of the box and without any burn-in it delivers breathtaking tone to instruments and vocals alike.  Solid power and strong bass drive even with hard to drive headphones.  Switching to some efficient T5p's still leaves the volume pot at 12:00 with a strong performance.  Clearly attention to detail was paid in getting the 1/8 and 1/4 ports matched in volume.  My only complaints being at this price point it would have been nice to have a sabre dac inside instead of a ti compromises slightly the crispness of the signal when used as a dac and it not being able to output as a dac to the rca outputs...
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