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An extremely versitle transformer coupled tube amp.

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Woo Audio WA6

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Pros: Can drive a wide range of headphones low and high impedance cans and even IEMS (lack of noise) Excellent build quality, Looks, Tube Rolling

Cons: Price to performance ratio not the best. Rectifier upgrade is a must to get absolute best performance which adds to the initial cost.

The Woo Audio 6 is a transformer coupled tube amp that is extremely versatile and can pretty much drive pretty much anything you throw at it. It has a quiet enough background to drive IEMS and low impedance cans with no to minimal noise and high impedance cans such as the ones from Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. It also can drive orthos although power may be lacking as it only outputs a maximum of 500mw with the stock 6de7 drive tubes. Although not ideal you should be fine driving the new modern more efficient orthodynamic headphones such as from Audeze although keep away from overly inefficient orthos He-6 He-500. Warm sound not rolled off in the slightest however smoother then your typical solid state amp in the high frequency spectrum as one would expect. This sounds nothing like your typical OTL tube amp and is much more immediate (solid state sounding if i dare call it that)

Its Built like a tank very high quality everything fits together perfectly the volume knob is super smooth and the power switch just oozes high end and you can see why Woo Audio has cemented such a good reputation for themselves.

The only thing i would have liked to have seen is the inclusion or the option of having preamp outputs and I wasnt too happy with the stock rectifier sound seemed compressed and considerably darker replacing it with the Sophia princess (i highly recommend) however mitigated this problem and seemed to make the amp feel more 'open' and much more enjoyable listen.

You can get better performing amplifiers for the money but you are paying for something that is extremely expensive to manufacture, all hand point to point wired with high quality components all in New York. The case the amp is in is very very well constructed with extremely thick brushed aluminum encasing the amplifier. It looks gorgeous.

If you are looking into buying a very high quality tube amplifier or looking at getting into tube amplification this is a no brainer it is versatile enough so you can use all your headphones with it looks great and is a competent performer.


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