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Woo Audio WA22 Reviews


Great amp for that smooth sound and vocals.


Pros: Warm smooth sound. Deep Bass. Sweet Vocals, Low Hiss

Cons: Lacks the Impact, Initial Tubes are not that great

  The WA22 is my third Desktop Amp and second tube amp. I got it through AV One, a local retailer here, after 2 rounds of testing and I was impressed enough to purchase it.   Built like a tank and weighed more then 10KG, the WA22 is one of the nicest looking amp that gives a the buyer confidence. The volume knob has stops built in. Personally I prefer a smooth knob with good tension but the one on the WA22 is really smooth and the volume increase usually hits the amount I need to so no complaints. The only amp I that felt better using is the studio six by ALO but I guess its really subjective to each individual..     The WA22 is a very smooth amp with good...
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A Little of the Tube Magic Even A Solid-Stater Can Appreciate


Pros: Excellent tonality; cohesive, organic sound; wonderful pride of ownership (aesthetics and build)

Cons: Slightly less leading-edge transient detail than some; slightly less treble extension than some.

[This is copied from the Music City Meet #3 Pics and Impressions thread, post here.]    A Few Impressions of the Woo Audio WA22     Intro: Mike at Woo Audio was kind enough to lend me the use of his WA22 for the Music City Meet #3 and a few weeks before. As it happened, and to my dismay, I did not get to spend the amount of time with the WA22 that I would have liked to have had-- the non-HF world was pretty crazy for me there for a while prior to the meet. I finally got a chance to sit down and spend essentially an entire day listening to the WA22 and taking notes, so I hope there is still some value in my notes, even if they weren't the result of as many...
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Good balanced tube amp


Pros: Very powerful; strong mid-range & soundstaging qualities

Cons: Lack of agility/speed & clarity

Originally published on February 22, 2010   Note: this review is an exact cross-post from post #1 of this thread on Head-Fi, which contains some user discussion on the review that may be relevant to read: http://www.head-fi.org/t/473873/mini-review-woo-audio-wa22   Below are my impressions of the Woo WA22 from while I owned it (October 2009 - February 2010). However, while I owned the amp for that long, I should add a disclaimer that I put in only 2 weeks of actual listening on the amp. This is only my opinion of the amp and even I might disagree with my own impressions later. This is not meant to be a full-length review especially given my limited listening time and I did...
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Fast, punchy and delicate


Pros: Fast, punchy and delicate

Cons: -

This wonderful amp deserves more reviews. I'll make a better write up later, but for now I just post a link to my WA2 vs WA22 comparison http://www.head-fi.org/t/615810/the-beauty-and-the-beast-wa2-vs-wa22

Great tube amp


Pros: build quality, tube versatility

Cons: none (excpet you will spend lots on tubes)

I love this amp. Upgrades tubes are a must. It can soften the sound a bit - which can be a good or bad thing.
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