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Woo Audio 2 Reviews




Pros: A Perfect Amp

Cons: Poor Quality Control and Customer Service

The WA2 is a five-star amp sold by a two-star company. The amp itself is a marvel of engineering, built on a Bauhausian aesthetic: form follows function. It's pretty to look at, but, properly upgraded, infinitely prettier to listen to. With dual driver, rectifier, and power tubes, it's possible to sculpt and finesse sound signatures: several reviewers have already noted that the amp lends itself to tube rolling--which can be both an exquisite blessing and an expensive curse. For sheer versatility, the WA2 is a wonder. Add to that the WA2's magical sound, when properly upgraded with well-regarded NOS tubes, and it's safe to say that, at its price, the amp has few, if any, peers. The...
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Woo Audio WA2


Pros: High-powered, great sounding OTL design

Cons: Not ideal match for low-impedance dynamic-driver headphones

This is not a full review, just a rating and a few comments.  I bought my WA2 used, and was really surprised how good it is.  The WA2 is among the better headphone amps available.  It actually surprises me that it's not even more popular than it is.   The WA2 has some pretty impressive power delivery, and it works wonders with high-impedance cans like the Beyerdynamic T1, and is also remarkably good with the Audeze LCD-2 and HifiMan HE-5LE.  Only very low impedance dynamic drivers, where the damping factor could be an issue, and not in the WA2's sweet spot.  But with the T1, the WA2 is absolutely stunning.    The WA2 is an outstanding headphone amp, and the fact that it has...
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Solid Amp for the Price.


Pros: Awesome for HD800s

Cons: Can be a bit harsh...also bad for low impedance IEMS

I owned the WA2 for a few months and I enjoyed it immensely. If you can find one on the used market I highly suggest picking it up. Mine came with with stock tubes as well as some JJ e88cc, and Slyvania 6c4. I did a little bit of rolling but ended up preferring the JJ's, they seemed to have a little more life to them and  better impact overall. I was coming from a Schiit Valhalla 2 and an Oppo ha1 so when I first plugged into the Woo it was a staggering upgrade, even with the stock tubes. It felt like I took to the HD800's to the next level and I sat in awe for several hours at their analytical presentation. It's cliche but I really did hear things I'd never heard...
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Superb OTL headphone amp... silky smooth resolution, plenty of PRAT, and deep, dynamic sound


Pros: Tube rolling options, drives high Z headphones very well, multiple inputs (4), pre-amp out

Cons: Some tubes expensive, OTL design not great for low Z headphones, stock components could be better for price

So, a review Woo Audio WA2... I have divided it into some headings, and rated them out of 100. These are my ratings based on my personal opinion. I'm open to comments as well, feel free to voice yours!     --->PRICE (85 out of 100) Currently listed on Woo's site for around $1200, with stock tubes and components. Woo used to also offer a component upgrade to Black Gate capacitors, and a stepped attenuator volume control, but I don't think this is an option anymore... mine came without the upgrades, so this review is for the stock WA2. As far as Black Gate caps, I haven't heard them, so can't speak to how they might change the sound. I don't think they're being produced...
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Silky smooth wit a great soundstage


Pros: Silky smooth with authority

Cons: -

This wonderful amp deserves more reviews. I'll make a better write up later, but for now I just post a link to my WA2 vs WA22 comparison http://www.head-fi.org/t/615810/the-beauty-and-the-beast-wa2-vs-wa22

Amazing OTL Tube Amp for the Price


Pros: Great sounding, Large soundstage, Gets better with better tubes, Looks great

Cons: You will be tube rolling for ever!

I have owned the WA2 for about a year now. I typically listen to Alternative Rock, occasional Rap and some Blues. I am using a Arcam rDac with it and I also have a Rega RP-3 and a Project Phono Box.      In Summary Amazing amp best $1000 I have ever spent on my headphone set up! Works well with all sources and has loads of room for upgradeability!     
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