Universal Stage Monitor with three-way crossovers UM3x

A Review On: Westone UM3X / 3X - True Triple Armature Drivers In-ear Monitor Professional Earphone

Westone UM3X / 3X - True Triple Armature Drivers In-ear Monitor Professional Earphone

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Pros: Smaller, lighter, not fatiguing, transparent shell and sound.

Cons: There are colored dots on the outside to help users find left and right, but quality control let my set through with both inside dots black.

Because no one else has stepped up to the plate I will give this short review of the Westone UM3x stage monitor.

...Studio Monitors...
The best at all costs are probably the earphone monitors worn on stage, by performers. All of them are in-ear passive noise canceling monitors.


...Armature drivers...
These high-end custom ear-canal head monitors use balanced armature drivers instead of the larger diaphragm loudspeaker.  Because you are not moving any air, you can seal the exterior against noise better. 

The Westone UM3x is a three-driver system just like those used in custom ear monitors, but with universal tips. This reduces the price about $500.00 and increases the resale value by hundreds of percent.


The soft tips on universal monitors can be more comfortable to wear for extended periods.


Westone's can be worn over the ear, and under the chin for an elegant solution to portable sound off stage.  



When you compare these to all the other earphones, Westone's hold up for excellent sound and excel in value.   Westone In-Ear-Monitors (IEM), are a luxurious solution in comfort, stealth, and great sound, at a reasonable price for people who must have the best.  There's a generation who doesn't aspire to better because they haven't been exposed to it."




Zalithian  I would suggest adding some information about the sound. Namely how the highs are smooth and laid back in comparison to some others headphones. How the bass is present and the overall signature is very warm, how the mids are the most up-front frequency although they're all pretty balanced. I found the UM3X to be a great all arounder but not specialized like others which excel with certain genres.


People will try to sell you the cheap solution, but when cost is no object undistorted sound is the way to go.  Monitors are played with equalizers off.   

How do I describe to you, tastes that you have never eaten, smells that you have never smelt, and sounds.., sounds that you have never heard?


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