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Westone UM3X / 3X - True Triple Armature Drivers In-ear Monitor Professional Earphone Reviews


Westone UM3x (removable cable) Unboxing and First Impressions (vs UM2 and Triple.Fi 10)


Pros: Great fit and comfort. Very balanced and neutral sound. Great cable.

Cons: A little high in price. Discounts can be found though. Gotta pay up for quality!

Just got the UM3x (with removable cable) purchased from the Gear Lab and sent direct from Westone after selling my UM2's and Triple Fi' 10's. Here are some detailed un-boxing pics (including pics of the UM3x in my ears), and then some initial first impressions after 4 hours of use and comparisons to the UM2 and UE Triple.Fi 10.       So that's exactly what you get in the box (at least at this point in time.) Hey, I expected less tips, so it was great to get a bunch of em. Quite a few in various sizes and materials. But I will probably never use the ones that came in the case, because I use Shure Olives and love em.  ...
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UM3X serve as a great all around universal IEM with few compromises


Pros: isolation, fit, transparency, neutrality, detail, removable cable

Cons: Don't disappear as well as the Westone ES3X or ES5

UM3X Review - starting from scratch.     My rating is among other universal IEM in any price range, but not vs custom IEM.  I consider a 5/5 to be the best that all universal IEM strive to reach, which I may not have heard yet.   I've posted in the past that I liked the UM3X almost as much as the W3, where most of my comparisons were done with my UM56 tips which tend to equalize the disparity a bit between these two IEM.  I've compared the UM3X with W3 at Canjam 2009, Colorado meet July 2009, and then my most recently in Oct 2009 at RMAF (after losing my 1st pair of W3 and UM56).  When I compared these two IEM with Complys tips at RMAF, I walked away with another W3.  Since then I had...
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Universal Stage Monitor with three-way crossovers UM3x


Pros: Smaller, lighter, not fatiguing, transparent shell and sound.

Cons: There are colored dots on the outside to help users find left and right, but quality control let my set through with both inside dots black.

Because no one else has stepped up to the plate I will give this short review of the Westone UM3x stage monitor. ...Studio Monitors... The best at all costs are probably the earphone monitors worn on stage, by performers. All of them are in-ear passive noise canceling monitors. ...Armature drivers... These high-end custom ear-canal head monitors use balanced armature drivers instead of the larger diaphragm loudspeaker.  Because you are not moving any air, you can seal the exterior against noise better.  ...Deal... The Westone UM3x is a three-driver system just like those used in custom ear monitors, but with universal tips. This reduces the price about $500.00...
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Does very little wrong and a whole lot right.


Pros: Great timber, detailed and neutral mids, best separation of any IEM I've heard; very textured, well-imaged, three-dimensional sound

Cons: Soundstage not as big as TF10, SM3, etc. A bit dark and thick with stock cable

My setup for this review is Foobar2000 + WASAPI Event Out -> HRT MicroStreamer -> UM3X RC with Moon Audio Silver Dragon   I traded for the UM3X about two weeks ago and I haven't used another IEM since.   Currently listening to Classic Sinatra II in FLAC. Everything is well separated, to the point that it feels about as well-differentiated as my HD598 and DT770 in terms of instruments being presented distinctly from one another and not bleeding into each others' space; obviously soundstage size is nothing to speak of by comparison, and the UM3X is on the smaller side as far as triple drivers go, but I think that makes its ability to separate sounds amost even more...
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For your ears only


Pros: Wonderful intimate vocals; layering and separation

Cons: treble could be better

  Westone UM3X mini-review     You might say I’ve been on a quest of sorts.  I’ve tried many mid and top tier universals, searching for something I can be content with for the long haul; something I can use on my daily commute that’s not only satisfying aurally but also in build and fit, with a pleasing aesthetic.   Sound wise, I thought I might have found it in the Hifiman RE262 but ultimately is was too light in bass for my tastes and the new modular cable was too heavy and flopped around, constantly reminding me of its presence.  From that experience I knew I had to find something with really spectacular mids and better bass weight and...
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Great IEM!


Pros: Perfeclty balanced sound signiture for MY tastes

Cons: The low end lacks a bit of detail, its nice and punchy -- very enjoyable

Got these on Amazon for $285.00 while there was a deal going on.    These IEM's are great.  They have a healthy amount of bass but its still more or less detailed.  The mids are very nice to listen to, and the highs are very separated and detailed.     The lower end sounds a lot like my HD650's.  The mids are hard to compare to anything, and the highs are almost as detailed as my K701's but have the sweetness of my HD650's.  Its a nice compilation all together and I highly recommend them to someone hoping to spend under $300 on an IEM.

Westone UM3X


Pros: Incredibly neutral presentation, phenomenal instrument separation, isolation

Cons: Hurts for the first few days, bad included tips.

These things kick ass. I can't find much words to describe them, other than real. All the instruments sound incredibly real. I'm currently rocking out to coldplay on them through my iPhone 4 and a Fiio E7. They're truly incredible. My only two complaints are that for the first few days (like only really 5) they hurt if you're not used to these type of earphones, and that the included tips aren't great. One pair worked pretty well, but I wound up using the tips from my Klipsch S4i's (they sound meh, but the tips are a dream). When you listen to these, you forget about FR - it's all in the instruments. Everything sounds like someone's playing it in front of your head - listen to Led...
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True IEM that are great for listening to music too.


Pros: Mids, bass, separation.

Cons: Price. Mids are very emphasized... only a con from a listener's perspective.

I agree with the other reviews: outstanding mids, clarity & separation; slightly emphasized bass that's tight & accurate.  There isn't anything to say that hasn't already been said on that front.   These were not 'all that and a bag of chips' to my ears.  They are obviously very high quality & there are no true faults, especially when their true purpose is kept in mind.  The sound signature was not as balanced or natural sounding as I prefer, the mids are extremely forward & in your face, instruments such as guitars, alto sax or any other 'mid' focused sound are less in your face & more your face is IN the instrument.  I think that these...
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