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Westone 4R with Removable Cables

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #8 in Universal Fit


Pros: Non silibant, not fatiguing, small form factor, comfortable,

Cons: Price

Bass response doesn't bleed to the vocals or any other frequencies whatsoever, lightweight cable with no microphonics and a narrow plug to connect to portable devices. The Westone has a powerful, detailed and clear sound that does not under or overemphasize anything. A polite sound as another writer described with a mid-bass bump and upper treble elevation without been disturbing. A young-adult/athletic grown-up man sound if I have to describe it.


Westone star tips are excellent.


Pros: Comfort, resolution, soundstage, treble extension, natural sound

Cons: Sibilant with certain DAP's, not enough bass, unnatural tone, expensive

I was blown away by sound quality of these when I first listened. Yes, these are one of the great universals, but after some time I noticed their flaws day by day.


The bass is weak and unnatural, sound is sibilant with FiiO X5. Some instruments are not in natural tone.


Everything else was great (especially mids and treble) but those flaws led me to selling them.


Comfort is great and isolation is enough for a Universal IEM.


Definitely one of the best, but not outstanding.


Pros: Balanced sound, clarity, comfortable, good fit

Cons: lack of bass if played without a good DAP/amp, Sounds miles better with a DAP/amp

W4R is an amazing earphone for it's price, excellent choice for the ones looking to upgrade to a multi drivered earphone.


[Without DAP]: It sounds dull and boring at first , but as you listened more deeply, I've never came across an IEM with such a balanced and controlled sound, the sound it produces isn't fatiguing, just that I've always find the bass lacking.


[With DAP<DX90>]:  Immediately I noticed the increase in bass and overal clarity, Bass is now really sufficient and very punchy and still very balanced and controlled without messing up the mids and highs, Didn't notice any bass bleed even on high volumes. 


Pros: Nice Punchy Bass, Wide U Shaped soundstage

Cons: Mids not as engaging as id like them to be.

So when I got the earphones my expactations where really high. These were to be my best and last earphones I'll have but it didn't happen. Overall the sound is warm and smooth . It is balanced and nothing really jumps out at you. The bass is as fast and snappy as I've ever heard , the midrange was sweet and nice and the treble quantity was just perfect.

   Unfortunately I love Vocals to be more up front so I can enjoy them and have the rest of the music seperated and moved to the background and as i heard that the Westones are Mid-centric , thats what I expected to happen, but no. They treat all frequencies more or less equally. 

  All in all these are fantastic earphones which perform great in nearly all genres due to their balanced sound but also dont WOW you , dont jump out with anything at you. Objectively I can say that they are the best I've heard so far but I had to sell them as they werent anywhere close to the end of my journey - "My Audio Nirvana"


Pros: Cable, fit, looks, balanced sound

Cons: Veiled sound

*I listened to the Westone 4Rs using iPhone 4S and the latest iPod Classic (6th Generation). The below sums up my listening experience from these sources only.*


The Westone 4Rs fit my ears better than any other earphones. With good tips, like Shure’s Grey Flex or ‘Olive’ tips, they feel snug without causing any discomfort. The nozzles on the 4R are shorter than that of Shure SE535 so the sound isolation isn’t quite as good, though they still do a reasonable job of blocking out external noise. As explained in the user manual, pulling your ears up and back helps to get a deeper fit when inserting.


The excellent cable is a sensible length (unlike the too-long Shure’s), tends not to tangle and has a short plastic ‘memory wire’, which keeps the Westones in place. The cable attaches to the earpiece with a two-pin connector, which is a less fiddly solution than the swivel connectors of Logitech’s UE 900 or Shure’s SE535.


The Westone 4Rs are warm tonally. I find their sound fairly balanced, with no frequency standing out above the others. The imaging is amazing too; there is a 3D quality that I’ve seldom heard from other earphones, though this only becomes apparent when the volume is quite loud.


I wanted to like these earphones, I really did. I ultimately sold them because they sound slightly veiled to me, as if the sound passes through a piece of material on its way from the drivers to my ears. I sensed a loss of sparkle and detail that I just couldn’t get past. I wouldn’t go as far as calling the sound muddy or cluttered, there just didn’t seem enough ‘air’ surrounding the music.


Pros: Awesome sound quality and highly comfortable

Cons: Price

Westone W4R, is my most favourite IEM so far, probably one of the best that I have ever tried and worth listening to.
I'm a music lover and been listening to music with earphone and headphone for more than 20 years, to this point, only Westone W4 and W4R truly fascinates me with the performance to play musics beautifully without the ear fatigue.

Combined with the latest STAR tips, this Westone W4R sounds very great for me listening without amplifier (or even with Fiio E11) to MP3 320 kbps and FLAC musics and also Audio CD.

I'm listening to guitar centric music and orchestral musics (Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal and Unplugged musics), this IEM is truly fantastic.

the only downside is just the price that is quite steep, but rest assured, Westone customer service is one of the best in the world, they will gladly replace your broken IEM with the newer model and send it to you with FedEx even half way round the world.

So be prepared, once you listen to your music with this pair of IEM, you don't want to downgrade or go back to the lower music source, everything must be lossless or Audio CD at least, and so far the only sound quality that can beat this IEM, is only Custom IEM which is way much more expensive than this Universal IEM.

You won't regret investing in this high grade IEM only if you dare to be impressed and uplifted in sound quality standard.


Pros: Better soundstage than my 530. Mids blend into treble very well. Treble not harsh or sibulant

Cons: Plastic sleeve cut off,leaving about half inch for cable support.

I have had many in ear and,on ear phones over the years.I currently use hd800,and also the 4r. At 72 years old,my hearing has changed,so my thoughts might not be the same as yours.I found these needed burning in to get the best out of.Before burning in,i could not get comfortable with them,because of the plastic sleeve supporting the cable So having (VERY CAREFULLY!.) removed the sleeve,leaving about half inch for support,they are now,the most comfortable in ears ive ever had.The bass at first,seemed a little lacking,but blends very well into the mids without any noticeable overhang. The mids again blend well into the treble without any bleed. Having used a few different buds,i have got an even better seal,meaning the bass has improved somewhat,with greater depth to the overall soundstage,which I feel is deeper and wider than the 530. As we all have different ears,these  comments are the things I am hearing.They I am sure,not everyone elses!. Do  I fee it was worth changing to the 4r?. Yes without a doubt.BUT, if you have the 530 or 535 be happy.Those Shures are very good.


Pros: Awesome sound quality, excellent isolation

I had these for about 3 months now.  I can say that this is an eye-opener for me.  I had lower tier IEMs before, namely Sennheiser CX-300, Beats Tour (aweful build quality), Klipsch II, Brainwavz M3 etc.  and I liked the sound of those for their price, except for the Beats.  I always saw the higher priced IEMs like the Westone series in stores and always shrugged off the idea of them sounding that much more in relation to the price increase.  That was until I caved in and bought a UM3X. Honestly, I was disappointed with the sound because I felt it was congested and has too boomy bass, that was until I got my brain wrapped around the sound and it became awesome, too awesome that I got more curious on high-end IEMs.


Enter the Westone 4R.  I bought these originally to compliment my UM3X and what a surprise.  The negatives I initially found with the UM3X was gone as now I have a wider soundstage and a little less boom in the bass.  I can't praise these enough that I upgraded all my other gear, I got better amp/dac to pair with the W4R and it keeps getting better and better.  I don't think I can go back to anything less than what the sound W4R produces.  I am sure there are other better and more expensive IEMs out there but until I can afford them, I am very happy with my W4R.  And I know that even then, I would probably still keep my W4R around. 


If I had one gripe it would be the unbraiding of the cord the more I use it. I noticed some areas wherein the braiding becomes loose but no biggie, I read about this here at head-fi before that's why I chose the removable version so I can easily replace them.


Pros: Great detail, balanced sound

Cons: Bass roll off @ 40 Hz and HF roll off >16 kHz

Great universal IEM. Highly recommended.
Westone 4R with Removable Cables

The new Westone 4R brings four symmetrically balanced armature drivers engineered into an advanced three-way crossover network to deliver radical clarity, realism and imaging for your listening pleasure. It definitely sets a new benchmark for the most discernible audiophile. Ideal for active individuals that don't want to compromise comfort and superb audio quality. Features True Fit Technology: optimum ergonomics and fit; low-profile lightweight body designed for extended listening comfort Epic Removable Cable: low profile two-pin connector with high-strength, ultra-low resistance tensile wire Micro-Driver Balanced Armature: dual low frequency, single mid and single high frequency driver system Acoustic Symmetry: +/- 2dB acoustically matched earpieces

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