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Westone 4 True-Fit Earphones Reviews


Closest in ear experience to full sized headphones

I cannot express how happy I am with my Westone 4 earphones. No need for a long review but I will just say I have tried many IEMs in the over $200 bracket and this knocks nearly all of them out of the park. Completely neutral, open sounding earphones that have one of the flattest response characteristics I have ever come across. Very comfortable and give excellent isolation to boot. I think these are a keeper! :)

Warm Balance and Excellent Detail Retrieval


Pros: Detail Retrieval, Balance and Clarity

Cons: Price; mid bass warmth

I bought these as an upgrade from the W3, which while extremely fun, I soon became disappointed in, due to mid bass bleed into the midrange.  This caused vocals to become too chesty and distortion rock guitar notes too rounded instead of hard edged.  Enter the W4. Fit and Isolation:  Westone 4 is extremely comfortable.  I love their size and weight.  They only fill up a small portion of the ear.  On the downside the nozzle is very short, making them very tip dependent to achieve their great sound.  Isolation is slightly above average with the right tip.  Shure black olives work very well for best comfort but best sound is found in the old...
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What Makes Them So Good? They Don't Do Anything Wrong


Pros: SQ, Accessories, Fit, Cable, Isolation

Cons: Price

Just like the title says: What Makes Them So Good? They Don't Do Anything Wrong   The W4s aren't going to blow you away with their treble shimmer or uber-deep bass nor their silky smooth mids. Their just-warm-of-neutral signature isn't going to make you break into song and dance at every available opportunity.    What they will do, however, is everything, pretty dang well. It's like shotgunshane says "The W4’s are supremely balanced and natural.  No one frequency intrudes on another.  Detail retrieval is unparalleled.  They are very smooth and coherent.  The funny thing is you may not like them when you first put them...
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Much better than W3, but still not ideal


Pros: Great fit, nice cable, pleasant sonic signature (non-fatiguing)

Cons: upper/mid bass still bloated, sub-bass not enough, not enough air

I have put the W4 through its paces, and after the first round of extensive testing, here are my impressions.   My main reason for getting the W4 is to hopefully replace the SE535 and W3, since I find them too colored or fatiguing/bright without EQ. Ideally, I wanted a pair of IEM's that I can listen to without any EQ. In a way, the W4 gives me that, but not in the way I had hoped.   First of all, the W4 is definitely much better than the W3, since it's obvious that Westone listened to all the complaints about W3 and tuned the W4 according to those complaints, while they also tried to keep some of what people loved about the W3. So the result is like a compromise...
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Yesteryear's champion can still kick some butt


Pros: Incredibly 'organic' SQ especially mids; comfortable fit (small for a quad); punchy; very roomy soundstage; fat bass; easy to drive

Cons: Treble extends fine but lacks pizzazz and authority, sounds slightly muffled; paying retail MSRP today would be unconscionable

Love 'em! Great if you can get them for a more reasonable price (sub-$300). The perfect definition of "upper middle class" sound, with a special punch in how natural the bass and mids sound.

Almost perfect


Pros: Great fit and comfort, excellent cable and build quality, unmatched details, instrument separation, smooth midrange, SUPERB customer service

Cons: Greatly tip dependent due to short nozzle, tame highs with some tips, Price.

I'd bought these from a head-fier. My purchase was off to a rough start unfortunately, The left channel used to die out after half an hour of listening. Luckily, they were covered under warranty and I was able to secure a replacement.   I listen to rock and metal (FLAC lossless) and the Grado SR60 was my choice to listen to them. Using the W4-s is a totally different experience.   Bass: I found the bass levels to be perfectly adequate for almost every song I've listened to. Instead of massive quantity, I find that it has a delicate detailed kind of bass. Not thundering earwax dislodging bass, but more detailed and layered than what an average guy like me am used...
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Best iem i have ever heard


Pros: Super comfortable, wonderful quality and quantity of from bass to treble,smooth, full-sound feeling of fullsize(special)

Cons: no tonality unique factor to remember, bass could be a little deeper


The Westone 4 Rants and Ravings From A DigitalFreak


Pros: Fluid mids, nice sub bass, excellent all arounder, almost no microphonics, easy fit, great isolation, excellent ergonomics

Cons: highs can sound painfully recessed with some music

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Pros: High,Mid,Bass

Cons: Price & Non-RC

hi all first time writing a review.   bought the westone4 2weeks ago, until now i'm still loving it.   Treble Outstanding, Detailed.   Mids No words to describe it, simply amazing   Bass Well-controlled   Soundstage Feels like the band is just infront of me!   Afterall its Westone product!  Nothing much can go wrong with their product

Good Universal


Pros: "Sweet" sound with no seriously over empahsized frequencies

Cons: Overpriced, Poor Warranty, Sound could be better

My score seems negative but do not be put off. I have already sold my pair of westone 4s as I personally do not find them to be particularly enjoyable. However, up till now, they are still the best pair of universal iems I have used. The sound is pretty balanced, though not dead accurate. The mids are slighlty forward and warm, being very enjoyable. The treble is clear and extended yet smooth and the bass is well extended though not the most impactful. You will probably be asking me why I disliked them then. The reason is that I believe that they just cannot compare to headphones such as the hd650, k701s which are cheaper than them. I find them especially lacking in the areas of...
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