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Exactly what I wanted - Awesome

A Review On: Westone 3 True-Fit Earphones

Westone 3 True-Fit Earphones

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Pros: bass, treble, detail, aliveness, fit, comfort, isolation, looks

Cons: price for the average person. for me they were totally worth it

These with my Cowon J3 playing FLAC is just amazing. I wanted a simple portable setup and this is it.

After experimenting with tips I settled on the Shure Olives. The complys were killing the treble and fell off easily. These preserve all the treble, and if i'm not mistaken, the bass is even punchier. Also, they stick on like crazy. It's really hard to get those tips off. But that's awesome for me as I am an on-the-go student who bikes a lot.


The Westone 3s with the Shure Olives sound great for every genre, but I am continually amazed at how great my FLAC trance compilations sound. A State of Trance et al are perfectly portrayed by these earphones. They also do an amazing job with rock, hip-hop, and the indie mixes my girlfriend makes.

I guess I'm just impressed with how well they do with trance because I like it a lot. 


These were my upgrade from the Senn IE8s, and they are an upgrade in every way but soundstage. And I will sacrifice one for the good of the many. I loved the IE8s when I first got them, but the lack of isolation and the rolled-off treble made me look for something else. The W3s were the answer. I bought them for $350 on Amazon, and I listen to them from when I wake up in the morning to late into the night. Basically whenever I'm not talking to someone. They are sensitive so they hiss with my macbook (not a hipster, it was a gift) but the included resistor fixes the problem. But I dont carry it around, and I only use my macbook for watching movies so its no big deal. Just saying they're sensitive so they're going to hiss if you use them with a macbook. WIth my J3 there is literally 0 hiss.


And aesthetically, they're amazing. Glossy black, red accents, beautifully curved bodies. They're ridiculously durable, I've put them through hell and they dont even have a scratch on them. The coiled cable feels great, and the splitter catches perfectly each twist in the cables, a secure but easily adjustable fit. Perfect for putting the cord down your back for physical activities. There is no cable noise whatsoever if you wear them like this.


When I get customs, I want them to be just like these. They are crazy good. I dont know how you could not like these. They were a huge upgrade over the IE8s for me, and the IE8s cost more, unless you go for a shady ebay deal like I did.


I love them, and I wish every earphone had these ergonomics. If these are in your price range, I highly recommend them. Now Westone has released a 4-driver Westone 4, so I would consider that too if I didn't already have these. Good luck in whatever you end up buying.


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