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Westone 3 True-Fit Earphones Reviews


If you can overlook its boomy/muddy bass. . ..


Pros: Very comfortable, great cable, slick design

Cons: Bass is way too boomy/muddy, upp-mids too bright, treble a bit recessed

I don't like to buy headphones solely based on people's recommendations without auditioning them first, but the reality is, you often have to because you just don't have the opportunity to audition exactly the models you are interested in due to where you live. The Westone 3 is one such case where I had to rely on internet reviews, and I regret the purchase. The problem with trusting online opinions is that often the people who write really good prose don't necessarily have good taste in audio--many of them use flowery prose to describe what is essentially a severely flawed sonic signature. This is not a subjective statement--it is totally objective, because I'm judging from the...
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Loving it so far.


Pros: Energetic and engaging sound. Comfortable.

Cons: Cable routing up over the ears seems strange at first and I wouldn't mind a slightly longer cable.

I've never been an in-ear headphone fan.  Most of what I've heard hasn't had the separation in space and imaging that I enjoy in open airs so much.  I got these this month after seeing some of the deal discussion threads along with a couple other headphones.  (Side note: those threads were dangerous, I almost bought a pair of Audeze LCD2's but now I'm saving for an LCD3s, :)) even worse!   This is a first blush review of the headphones.  They sound much more engaging than the TDK IE800s I just got.  The midrange sounds more captivating, it's neither particularly forward nor dark.  Lots of energy coming off guitar stings.  The seem to image...
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Best Earbuds for the $$$$


Pros: Customizable fit, good seal, great audio range

Cons: expensive, cord not replaceable

I first heard of Westone when standing in line for the iPhone 4. A guy in line had a pair of Westone 3's and let a few people try them. I was blown away, could not believe they were that much better than the BOSE IE I was currently using. After discovering the price, I put any thoughts out of my head of purchasing.   Fast forward a few months and after a stroke of good fortune, (the cat eating though the cord of my BOSE IE's) my wife said I should replace them with the Westone's (did I mention I have a great wife :) )   They come with about a dozen different ear pieces you can fit on the monitors, allowing most people with normally shaped eardrums to find the perfect...
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Exactly what I wanted - Awesome


Pros: bass, treble, detail, aliveness, fit, comfort, isolation, looks

Cons: price for the average person. for me they were totally worth it

These with my Cowon J3 playing FLAC is just amazing. I wanted a simple portable setup and this is it. After experimenting with tips I settled on the Shure Olives. The complys were killing the treble and fell off easily. These preserve all the treble, and if i'm not mistaken, the bass is even punchier. Also, they stick on like crazy. It's really hard to get those tips off. But that's awesome for me as I am an on-the-go student who bikes a lot.   The Westone 3s with the Shure Olives sound great for every genre, but I am continually amazed at how great my FLAC trance compilations sound. A State of Trance et al are perfectly portrayed by these earphones. They also do an amazing job...
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Does everything very well


Pros: Same as title

Cons: nothing for the price

Love listening to these with my RSA shadow and Cable Pro Reverie LOD. My portable system makes great sound.
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