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The sound takes me to special places. Transcendent.



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Pros: most articulate sub $100.00 bass I ever heard, buttery smooth mids, beautifully airy with WC clarity

Cons: stock tips, fit might be a bit negligible to some, smoothed out treble

I've spent the past week auditioning these new VSD1S by VSonic. Before this I was listening extensively to my dual dynamics JVC FXT90's and my dual armature UE 700. For a single dynamic driver that is priced below $50.00, you get something tuned to compete with above $100.00 IEM's. Within a few hours, I realized that my VSD1S sounded as accurate and sonically equal to my dual FXT90! Though the FXT90's revealed more details in your music, and had greater instrument separation and timbre ability, the sheer SMOOTHNESS of the mids and the bass simply stood equal to the FXT90's, due to the aggressive mid nature of the 90's, and the lack of smoothness in the sound of those dual carbon drivers. The bass is more articulate and rounded in the Vsonics as well. Though they don't dig as deep or punch as hard, the ability of the bass to produce clear and thoughful notes and provide blinding speed on the low end is simply too impressive to ignore. The mids are exceptionally smooth and clear, with just the slightest bit of coloration to give it that snappy fun sound without losing too much transparency. These things are almost as transparent as the RE-ZERO's. Not quite, but they definitely are a close second, while trouncing the FXT90's. Transparency and soundstage is also greater than the UE 700. No small feat since the 700's are a dual TWFK armature driver IEM. the high end is where you will be left for want if coming from the armature crowd or the JVC crowd. The sparkly, strong treble presence of those types of IEM's is not present here. These are laid back highs. I'd say more subdued and eloquent highs. The cymbals and crashes and clicks and brushes come out clear and have presence, but not the extension or strength you might find in a BA driver. This is well balanced, and beautiful. Nothing offensive at all with the sound signature. You could say the sound signature is ELEGANT. This is the beautiful woman walking across the room, that everyone takes notice of, who is powerful yet understated, despite more overt and stunning women in the room. These are my budget champions. I don't believe a better sounding budget IEM exists. IMHO. Why? because these can handle ANY genre of music to sonic perfection, and do it at a price reserved for $100-200 IEM's with multiple drivers. I've got the Fidelio S2 on order, as well as the T-PEOS H-100, and after hearing the VSD1S, i'm not so excited about either anymore, and I think there won;t be much improvement over these budget Kings. 



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Nice review. I got the H-100 as well. They are no match for my GR07BE.
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