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The sound takes me to special places. Transcendent.


Pros: most articulate sub $100.00 bass I ever heard, buttery smooth mids, beautifully airy with WC clarity

Cons: stock tips, fit might be a bit negligible to some, smoothed out treble

I've spent the past week auditioning these new VSD1S by VSonic. Before this I was listening extensively to my dual dynamics JVC FXT90's and my dual armature UE 700. For a single dynamic driver that is priced below $50.00, you get something tuned to compete with above $100.00 IEM's. Within a few hours, I realized that my VSD1S sounded as accurate and sonically equal to my dual FXT90! Though the FXT90's revealed more details in your music, and had greater instrument separation and timbre ability, the sheer SMOOTHNESS of the mids and the bass simply stood equal to the FXT90's, due to the aggressive mid nature of the 90's, and the lack of smoothness in the sound of those dual carbon drivers....
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EQ Champions!


Pros: They take EQ very well, they are very well articulated in the highs, the bass is balanced and detailed

Cons: Mids are often masked, female vocals are hidden

Hey guys. I hope you're having a wonderful day. This is my first review, and it's safe to say I'm excited! Today I'm gonna be doing an initial review of the Vsonic VSD1S. These are one of my new favorite IEMs. Not because they have the best sound quality. Not because the have the best build quality. But because they combine good sound quality, and good build quality, all at a really good price (

VSONIC VSD1S: Kaboom for your buck: The all-rounder prodigy.


Pros: Versatile, fun, slightly flattened V shape, extremely comfortable, sturdy, lively treble.

Cons: Mids can be masked a bit on certain tracks, no other cons in this price range.

VSONIC VSD1S: Kaboom for your buck: The all-rounder prodigy. This review is delayed, but only because they were a gift to someone. Only recently have I had given them an extended listen. Extended indeed.   ​   Vsonic needs no introduction as they have, year upon year, released bang for buck IEMs that turn into instant recommendations. That is until they up the ante again. This is my first Vsonic IEM and was excited to try it after going through the all favourable reviews on Head-fi and Vsonic’s proclamation: “Baby brother of the famed GR07 series”. I(unfortunately) have not tried the legendary GR07, which even today, over 3 years after its release, is still widely...
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The Special one from VSONIC


Pros: Great sound for the price. Unique and special tuning. Fun and very musical.

Cons: Stock eartips. Need to be worn upwards for best fit and comfort but channels are swapped.

REVIEW: VSONIC VSD1-S       Specs:  Driver: 11mm Driver units  Rated Impedance: 32 Ohm Sensitivity: 110 dB Frequency Response: 10-22000 Hz Distortion: <2%  Channel Balance: < 3 dB Rated Power: 10 mW Maximum Input power: 50 mW Plug: 3.5mm dual channel plug Cable: 1.30 TPU Cable, 4 X 20 core high purity silver plated wires +/- 3%     Build & Design: The overall build quality is quite good. The oval-shaped earpieces are made of plastic, but feel sturdy enough. The silver colored cable, while a bit thin, is soft and not very tangle-prone. It's ended in an L-plug. The special feature is the...
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