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Simply the best!

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Audio Quality
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Pros: The clarity and audio quality is incredible, the build quality is very good, and the price is AWESOME!

Cons: It might some time to get used to.

The worst part of it was the burn-in, really. You can't use them if they don't play music for 100 hours like the chinese tag on the cable says, they're too bright. But after 100 hours...


In a very short phrase, those earphones are the best you can get for this price; And if I had to describe using one word, that would be clarity.

It's not just the highs, but the mids, and the bass are CLEAR!!! They're detailed, and, unlike similarly priced earphones, you won't feel they need to be EQ'd to reduce mud in the voice. Oh, and you'll discover some new instruments in your music :)
What I was really surprised with was the bass though. It's very well balanced (It doesn't lack bass, but it's not too much either. No, you won't miss it!) and VERY clear like the rest of the frequency spectrum. If you do like a LOT of bass though (or a specific song sounds better with more bass), you can boost the 60-80Hz range a bit, and voila, tons of clear, undistorted bass!

I don't really have lots to say besides that you'll love those. (English is not my main language, and thus I don't know all those audio-specific terms to be able to describe them in more detail).


Just a tip; If you're 14 like me (or your ears are very small), don't try using the tiny black tips. They're too hard and will make you suffer. Use the salmon colored ones (pinkish orange). When they're inside your ear they're just as small, but much softer. It will take a while to get used to, but after that you'll love them! :)


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