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Pros: Deep insertion, incredible isolation, very detailed, balanced sound, doesn't lack in any part of the spectrum, clean sounding, detachable cable

Cons: Deep insertion (uncomfortable for some), high microphonics if worn cable-down

How can I start this review.. There are so many incredible things that I can say about the VSonic VC02. So, so many.

I came across the VC02 thread one day, and I felt compelled to buy a pair within minutes of reading. From what others were saying, it seemed the VC02 was outstanding. 

When my VC02 arrived, I was extremely excited. Never had I been so excited about a pair of headphones before. The box was similar to other VSonic boxes- it showcased the VC02 and its very large selection of colorful hybrid tips.

When I opened the box, I was graced with the sweet smell of a new electronic that I was so familiar with. I was elated.

I took the VC02 out of its cavity in the foam and reveled in its grace. 
Inside the box, behind the foam presentation, was a small baggie of even more tips, but these were silicone tips, and not hybrid tips. There were a total of 11 pairs of tips in the included package, and being the tip-hoarder that I am, I was in heaven.
Inside was also a soft pouch and a shirt clip for the VC02.
I, personally, would have preferred a clamshell case, but the pouch works just as well. 

The VC02 is a deep insertion IEM, which some may find uncomfortable, but I like deep insertion more than shallow insertion for both isolation and comfort. 

I plugged them into my device, and was given an experience that I could only explain as pure bliss. I knew then, that these would be my new favorite IEMs.

As for how I can describe the sound..

Highs - My favorite part of these IEMs. The highs are well-extended, detailed, sparkly, and non-fatiguing. These made DnB sound incredible. Snares and cymbals were reproduced with high amounts of clarity and detail.

Mids - I was really impressed here as well. The mids are very clean and neutral sounding. I wouldn't call them cold, but I wouldn't call them warm. Neutral is a perfect word for it.

Lows - Perfectly balanced into the rest of the spectrum. These may be neutral, but they extend into the low-end very well. Lows are controlled so well with the VC02. No bleed whatsoever, and no overpowering. Obviously, for a neutral IEM, the lows aren't too prevalent, but they can be toned up somewhat with an EQ if needed, but not too much, since these use a 3mm micro-driver. 

Tips can make quite a difference in the way these IEMs sound. The stock tips give the most neutral presentation in my opinion. Tri-flange tips appear to increase bass quantity and treble resolution, while giving it a more smooth signature. Foam tips seem to reduce the bass amount, while adding some warmth and smoothness to the spectrum. 

Overall - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these for a second. These fit me so perfectly. For $41, these are just incredible. Neutral, clean IEMs with intense isolation capabilities and detachable cables. What else could one ask for at this price? 




Great review bro! :) Also indicate the differences in sq with polarity revision and burn-in process here. Try adding photo's too these VC02's are really photogenic :)) Cheers!
Ah, yes, the polarity.. To be honest, I didn't notice that much change except in treble energy, but I'll mention it
I've heard of problems with the cables coming disconnected from the drivers. Has that been an issue for you? I hope to use these for my work out, and it wouldn't be worth it if they come undone all the time. If it is a problem, can it be solved with some super glue?
One last thing, I've never used earphones without a cinch, how does that work? Is that another reason not to use these during a workout?
Honestly, it has been a slight problem. Slight, as in, I accidentally pull directly from the cable, and not the IEM itself. That makes it come right out. It once got stuck in my ear, and I had to use a pen to get in my ear (not too far, mind you) and push it out.

No, I wouldn't really recommend these for workouts. Maybe look into the MEElectronics M6 or Brainwavz R1 instead.
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