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The Best of Sub-$200 iems world

A Review On: VSONIC GR07


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Pros: Wonderful bass, super transparent, good and accurate soundstage and detailed, adjustable-angle nozzle, couldnt be better build and p/p

Cons: harsh treble, lack of the hight-mids, a little uncomfortable to long-term wear(angular shape) , a little boring

Update on my 2nd time purchasing the GR07 in March 2013..

...more about the GR07: warm mids


Sound: 8/10 (compared to the best iems i have ever had was W4 and Ex1000 10/10)

p/p: 10/10


Amazing that you purchased these in January 1970 according to your review!
o__O i really didnt set that, dont know why..
edited:D thanks
Mistake again:D edited thanks
how do you like your gr07's compared to your ex1000's and w4's?
@zachchen96: about quality of the regions
Bass: W4=GR07>Ex1k
Airy: I dont remember exactly=.=
Fun/long-time listening enjoyable: W4>>Ex1k>Gr07
Note: = is on par, >~ is slightly better,> is better, >> is significantly better
To me, each of above iems has an own strength. the Bass on the GR07s is deepest, most solid and most quantity but the W4s is fastest, tightest and cleanest(the Bass on theEx1ks can go deeper than the W4s too). Sound on the W4s is fullest(like a headphone-that i have never heard before on an iem). The Ex1ks have an unique "wet" mids, not like the W4s and Gr07s have a dry and crisp one, that like zzzzz at the end of words of the singers pronunciation. I dont know how the Sony engineers tuned this thing for the Ex1ks because the Ex1ks have most treble of 3 iems.
And this is my preference rank: W4>~Ex1k>Gr07:D
sorry for my bad english!
Gee, where'd you get them for 125?
@Conrthomas:it is Vietnam;) China headphones in my country are often cheaper than them sold in US. Besides, i bought this very good iem at the 1st Gr07 shipment of an audio company
I see. Darn! I need to find a reputable place to get these for less than half a week's wages!
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