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great iems

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Pros: not fatiguing at all, sounds great with just about anything, very very relaxing iems

Cons: dont like how you are supposed to wear the wire up and around the ear, and if you wear it straight down its kind of a weird fit.

just wonderful little iems. wish the isolation was a little better, not bad though, just nitpicking. The microphonics are unacceptable, just a light tap on the cable and i can hear it, annoying as crap, but definitely not a deal breaker.


Just a note, if you flip the channels you can wear them cable-down quite easily...I vastly prefer the fit over-ear though.
same, the problem is that the included ear guides suck :/
Yeah, it's too bad they stopped using the earguides they had with the first version, those ones are excellent...
you have any suggestions for other earguides i can get?
I've heard the Phonak PFE earguides work. If you wear them over-ear there is almost zero microphonics.
hmmm thats weird, even when i wear them over ear there is still microphonics :/
The microphonics will always be there, it just makes it much less noticeable.
i guess, but its really annoying having to always put on the ear guides to listen to them, wish i could listen to them cable straight down with the same audio quality.
It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the ear guides but now I love them! They were very uncomfortable for me at first too but after I got accustomed to them I forget that I have them on at all. 
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