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Great for the money!

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Pros: Excellent sound quality, good value

Cons: Minor build issues

These are my first pair of upper-mid tier IEMs, so I can't really compare these to anything else in their price range. I can say however, that they sound very good to my ears, with much better bass extension than my A151s, and a nice midrange and overall more balanced sound than my M50s. However, they don't have the world's best isolation, and there are some minor build issues, such as the plastic strain relief coming unglued from the housing, though it doesn't really move around and it's easily glued back on. In addition, the strain reliefs on the y-split and the plug are a bit stiff, since the cord is pretty springy (which can be a pro or con, based on preference), the strain reliefs aren't super necessary, but it can still be a bit annoying. Overall though, very recommended!


Interesting, I don't have build issues with mine.
It could be a batch issue... I got a pair from the first batch with the smaller accessory pack
I see, mine's the version with 15+ tips, soft case and (imo) worse ear guides.
IME the earguides aren't super necessary if you cinch the cable a bit and kind of orient/twist the cables a certain way. Anyway, glad to hear they fixed the build issues! Also, how are the tips?
True, and I wear glasses so I put the wires around my frame to hold them in. The tips are nice - there are 2-3 stock silicone tips, a bunch of sony hybrids clones (all sizes i think), a stock biflange and foam tips. I liked both the stock silicone tips and the blue hybrids clone, but I couldn't get a proper seal with the biflange and the foam tips wasn't really good. Right now, I am using Monster Foam Supertips. IMO, these are even more comfortable than the stock and hybrid clone tips but they are ridiculously expensive. Foam tips give the best seal for me, so the Foam Supertips are just about perfect.
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