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No competition at this price point

A Review On: VSONIC GR07 Bass Editon

VSONIC GR07 Bass Editon

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Pros: Sound stage, treble and bass extension, incredible detail, sq:price ratio

Cons: Require a lot of burn in, stock foams are useless

These iems are incredibly detailed and clear at both ends of the spectrum. Although this is the bass edition of the GR07, the bass is not too heavy as to cloud the mids and highs. It is quick and controlled, but never fails to let its presence be known. Mids are clear and slightly dry; nothing special. Highs are spacious and airy, which contributes to a very well presented sound stage. What makes these iems special is that they sound terrific at both ends of the spectrum and never seems to falter...that is after you burn them in. No question as to whether they need at least 300 hours of burn in, as they are annoyingly sibilant. Thankfully this completely disappears and you are left with bliss. I should also say that they bring out the faults in your music. That is, if your music is low quality they are going to sound like ****. Be warned that you'll hate that once loved 192 kb/s album that you could not find in flac...
They come with a lot of tips, including tips that look like the sony hybrid knockoffs. I found that foams bring out the best in these iems, however the stock foams are garbage. Comply tx 400s work as well as the trusted olives. 


Thanks for the review.
Did you tried with 320kbps or high quality vbr dual mp3s? What is your opinion with these?
Also, (and sorry if is a silly question) what foams are the trusted olives?
Thanks, great review!
Is the bass better than RE400??
@reihead Yeah I generally listen to music in some sort of lossless format, but VBR and 320 do not sound bad at all for the most part. And by olives I mean the Shure replacement foam tips :)
@zsolt I would say that the bass is much better than the RE400; perhaps not in terms of precision or "tightness", but the gr07 has a much deeper rumble to its bass. I would say the RE400 has a much more analytical sound signature, and as such its lower end is somewhat subdued. At least for my taste.
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