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Greater Than the GR07? Perhaps...

A Review On: VSONIC GR07 Bass Editon

VSONIC GR07 Bass Editon

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Pros: Detail, accessories, bass, clarity, durability, cable

Cons: Soon to be discontinued...

I had the GR07s for a few months before I got the BEs secondhand. I loved the GR07 sound and if I had to nitpick and find one thing to improve upon it would be their slightly dry bass range. 


Well. Problem solved.


The BEs are are incredible IEM. They retain the all-too-raved-about sound of the Mk II but add a touch of mid-bass to make those modern hip hop, electronic, dance recordings even more fun.


It bears mentioning that the BE is by no means a basshead IEM. There is simply a small boost in the lower mid bass that adds a little in the low end. I couldn't ask for more. I'm very glad I found a pair before they are discontinued.


Thanks VSonic. Bio-cellulose does it again!


Did you tried with 320kbps or high quality vbr dual mp3s? What is your opinion with these?
I used a variety of audio formats: FLAC, ALAC, 320kbps and VBR. I think the BE's are rather forgiving of source material, although even to my non-audiophile ears, they sing a little more sweetly with higher quality source material. 
Thanks, I agree, but been using them for a 3 days and they sound ok to good with mp3's and better with high quality sources.
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