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A Review On: VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

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Pros: More tips than you will ever use, build quality and sound quality

Cons: Isolation not that great if not using biflange

This is my first ever review so bare with me.  My background in iem and headphones in general is limited.  Reference iem that I own and judged against the gr06 were jvc air cushion, klipsch image s2, meelec m16 and entry level sennheisers.  Soundwise they just blew away every iem I had heard until now, everything sounds better got great bass, mids and highs. 


After comparing this to my other iems I finally understood what a veiled mid is, I was missing all this rich mid.  Vocals are excellent, hearing things I did not hear before like breathing or some details on the guitar.  My music preference is rock, mostly heavy metal, power metal, thrash and such genres so I bought these searching for that specifically.  The only thing I would think they need is better highs, just wished those high hats would sound more bright but I fix that with equalization.   


You will receive a lot of tips, more than you need.  The only complaint I have about them is that only the biflange provides proper isolation.  I mostly commute for work everyday with a small bus full of people talking and radio on a volume level I would prefer was lower and with the single flanges I hear everything.  With the biflanges isolation is very good, people need to tap my shoulders or signal whenever they want to talk to me since I'm just spaced out enjoying my music.  I would say is hast a 4.5 out of 5, maybe some triflange would improve a little.  I have not tried the foam tips yet.


They are pretty comfortable after a while, if you have never used over the ear ones like me.  You got play around a bit to get proper fit and isolation. 


The included pouch is rather nice but just wish it was a tad bit bigger, you feel like you are stuffing those iems in there since the cable is not a cheap thin one.


The only complain I have is that its hard to read the little L and R indications because they are the same color as the nozzles.


Overall I'm very satisfied with them and would purchase other vsonic products without second thoughts.






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If you want to totally transform these in-ears and get rid of that veil try the plugin TB EZQ using J River.
You will be surprised the potential these drivers have to produce clarity without sibilance or harchness.