Not that great after what I read

A Review On: VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

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Pros: Look good, lot of accessories, cheap

Cons: Not treble sparkle, sound too thick for my taste, foam tips don't stay in place

This is my first review, but I tried to give a review based on feeling rather than comparison with other IEMs.

I may be asking too much for a ~ 50$ earphones, but as my first pair of in-ears, and coming from headphones like Hd650 and sr80i's, I expected much more after having read some raving reviews.

It's not bad, I actually like the design, cable and ergonomics, but the sound is way too thick and laid-back. They are not bass-heavy. Bass might be at the same level as mids, but not very detailed and too thick.
Mids are fine. Their best part I guess.
Treble can be more felt rather than heard. Very few sparkle. Makes them rather lifeless especially if you consider that I'm coming from cans like HD25 and Grado SR80i. So you can call me biaised on this point, as I have no experience when it comes to IEMs.

Good value though, considering the build and accessories.

Oh, and the foam tips are really bad. They don't keep their form when you squeeze them, which means that they are almost back to their expanded form before you had a chance to put them in your ears. I later bought some audeos, and "real" Comply tips are like night and day compared to Vsonic's ones.


Hmmm, I have never had any trouble with the foam tips that were included with my pair.
I took the core out of the foam tips and put the foam into a regular silicone tip for more isolation.
Compared to my Audeo's Comply tips, the Vsonic ones are too stiff and have no memory, making them harder to insert, and they don't fully seal my ear nor stay in place.
I may try your solution and put the foam inside silicone tips for fun :)