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Can be transformed into sounding like a top of the line product

A Review On: VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

Rated # 73 in Universal Fit
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Audio Quality
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Pros: Ability to transform , comfort, build, looks

Cons: You can only wear them with the ear guides, lacking in clarity and sound only average in stock form

It's a bit of a dream to find a reasonably priced product that literally with a switch of a button can sound just as good as some of the best in-ears I've tried out. The plug-in that performs this feat is free and very simple and is called TB-EZQ. The increase in clarity, mid and high detail, soundstaging, imaging and overall tightness, crispness and refinement are extraordinary. I said before it's a bigger change than going from 64 kbps to FLAC, but its more like going from listening to the radio on an old receiver to listening to music from a good DAP. I only have the CKM500 and RE-262 to do a side to side comparisons at the moment and GR06 + TB EZQ is winning every round. Not by small margin, its very clear when you listen to all three at the same time which is superior regardless of music choice. Only problem I have with these are a bit of a mid-bass hump that works better for some music than others. Not exactly a problem that is hard to fix. 


Aww, left side of my pair broke yesterday. Send it to Hong Kong for warranty :c Good review.
Thanks. I'm not sure I have warranty from lendmeurears. Hope they don't break :)
Mine broke cause of driver flex so if it clicks when you insert it in your ear please find another ear tip (I think foam tips would work best) or it'll get broken. And I've bought mine on Ebay.
Driver flex is pretty normal even tho I don't experience that with my pair. If it doesen't affect the sound I wouldn't bother sending them in in my case.
how does it sounds w/o all that setup?
It sounds great. The thing is, Sweden seems to be always pushing this setup everywhere for some reason, and while it might be awesome his TB EZQ isn't exactly for everyone. So all in all, the GR06 sound excellent by themselves regardless of what he says.
is the mid bass hump good for metal?
They sound pretty good for 60$ without any software, but are lacking in clarity and have sort of a veil over the sound.
I don't believe even 1/10 of head-fiers would prefer stock GR06 before some sort of EQd GR06 in a blind test. If you haven't tried TB EZQ with GR06 than this is a pretty pointless conversation to have.
I wouldn't say the mid bass hump is good in it self for metal, but they sound truly amazing with a song like Dio - Holy Diver. Without software not so amazing, but still decent. The bass is not the tightest nor fastest, but that gives it a certain weight. The bass of a EPH-100 more refined and tighter and overall more enjoyable.