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A Review On: VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

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Pros: Defined and punchy bass, forward mids, crisp highs, great amount of accessories and sturdy build quality

Cons: Mids overpower at times, no chin slider

Build quality is sturdy with a neat articulating nozzle feature that lets you adjust the tip to your liking. The cable is quite memory resistant and has a very smooth texture. The connector is solidly built but the stress relief is slightly lacking, though it should still hold up for a while. However on closer inspection the earbuds actually have slight casting errors, though these are purely aesthetic.


The GR06 are comfortable when worn down, over the ear or when using earguides as included in the package. Their rotating nozzles should be properly tweaked if you want to get the best fit.


For a $60 package these are excellent value considering the amount of accessories which include 15 sets of tips, of which two are foam and bi-flanges. The rest alternate between foam lining and normal PVC/silicon and can be swapped out depending on your liking for bass/warmt or detail. A soft clasp type pouch is included as well.


Isolation is moderate but will substantially cut down on external sound. In terms of sound quality, these are possibly the best for this price and above. These have a very detailed presentation but a very slight bias towards the mids. However the lows are still extremely punchy and far reaching without ever intruding into higher frequencies. The treble is decent and crisp. Soundstage is moderate, but instrument separation is prominent. However, on certain songs the mids seem to create a sort of overpowering signature. For example in Gotye's State of the Art the saxophone is strangely intimate and overpowering in comparison with the drums and xylophone. But overall the sound is very pleasant and revealing of small details that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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I'm surprised you have sibilance at times. I wouldn't call the highs "crisp" any way you look at it. They actually sound a bit muffled just like the midrange.

If you want to make these to 200+$ sounding in-ears try a free plug-in called TB EZQ. Now they just demolish CKM500 and RE-262 in any way I can think of. I had the GR07 before these and I really wished I had done a head to head comparisons between the two. I'm reasonable confident that the GR06 + TB EZQ > GR07 in overall presentation.