Direct competitor to Sony EX600, Yamaha EPH-100

A Review On: VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Beautiful, great cord, fun sound with great placement/soundstage

Cons: Treble is wishy-washy at times

There's a saying, "80% of the quality for 20% of the price". That kind of ratio is hard to find in the audio world unless you're comparing very high-priced items, but in the budget IEM realm, these are as close to that phrase as possible. They have a very similar signature to both EX600 and EPH-100 with about 80% of absolute audio quality, and are less than half price of either. Sound staging is great with forward mids and bass, though the treble is still alive and kicking, just less-so. That's not even to mention the excellent assortment of accessories that Vsonic gives you with just about any IEM they produce. A big feature in this IEM that I don't notice in others is super-strong note preservation in the lower register. Bass notes seem to go on forever in a great way, but never overpower the mids or sound muddy. Sounds like you're right next to an acoustic instrument like bass viola, piano, etc.


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