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Awesome earphone is awesome (GR06)

A Review On: VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

VSonic GR06 Pro Dynamic Noise Isolation Earphones Earbuds

Rated # 73 in Universal Fit
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Pros: Price, SQ, comfort, accessories

Cons: No chin slider, average isolation

Affordable yet awesome? Look no further!

Vsonic has always been known for cheap earphones with high quality, and GR06 lives up to that name.


Build quality/design: well built and looks durable. I love the brownish-gold color of the cable. I also like the design: minimalist (not the flashy type) but very functional. The only downside I can find is the lack of chin slider.


Comfort: over-ear has always been my personal preference and I find the GR06 pretty comfy, although not as comfortable as the Phonak PFE. The housing is quite small and light, fits my ear better than the Shures, which are bigger. Microphonics is very minimal. I can wear these comfortably for many many hours.


Isolation: slightly above average. The foam tips isolate slightly better. Have not tried putting on the comply tips.


Accessories: for approx. 50$, Vsonic is very generous in terms of accessories. 15 pairs or eartips (including 1 pair of bi-flanges and 1 pair of foam tips), a pouch and a set of ear guides (very useful during exercises) are provided.


SQ: the GR06 is a mid-centric earphone. The mids are nicely textured, detailed and upfront. The bass is quite punchy and deep. Treble is the weakest of all three, being slightly less detailed. Soundstage is average.


Overall, the GR06 is a really great pair of earphones. They simply kick every other earpieces' ass at this price range. I bought this as a replacement for my broken UE400, which is priced 77USD. The GR06 is cheaper but better in almost every aspect. Highly recommended.


PS: a pair of earphones like this needs moar love! Why the hell it is low on head-fi rankings!? Moar reviews and bring it up the ladder!


"Soundstage is average" :c this made me worry about the order I placed on ebay for this pair. Anyways, good review.
Soundstage is not really good, but not bad either (compared to much more expensive pairs). There is a good separation as well so instruments won't feel so 'cramped'. Still at this price you get a lot more than what you bargained for :)
Where did you buy them for $50 for?
At lendmeurears.com, a Singapore website. But you see in the website the price is 80SGD, but I purchased the pair in the website's counter at Toy Outpost (plaza singapura) for 65SGD or 50USD
In real life? Well, that throws out that option.
Just got my pair, I love them. Alot better than the Visang R03 I had. More detail.