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VSONIC GR04 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Needs EQ, but a bargain


Pros: Impressive sound in technical terms (if that makes sense)

Cons: "Wrong" sound of the box (needs EQ)

I prefer the GR04 to my Visang GR02 and greatly prefer them to my Soundmagic PL50 (I don't like the PL50). This review is not going to get technical. The main purpose is to share my EQ settings which makes them sound more like my HD600 which is my reference headphone. In short: Great SQ for the money if you take 30minutes to EQ them. EQ settings: (from PlayerPro on Android OS). 0db 60hz -3,5db 230hz -5db 910hz +4,5db 3600hz +4,5db 14000hz

Negative Reviews


these have the vsonic sound stamp but save up your pennies and try a different model


Pros: Fit, price

Cons: unsalvageable via eq

These sound wrong in lots of ways. The mids are way out of whack and the upper end is strident. This kind of wrong just cannot be saved with any amount of eq or ancilliary amplification/sound shaping. The 07 is a far better sound if you like the vsonic sound. Not sure why any company would put a product like this on the market unless they are the type who feel it's ok to throw something at the market place wall to see if it will stick or perhaps the marketing team felt it needed this in it's lineup for some logistical purpose. I am suspect of companies who offer so many so called options when there is no need or value in doing so. This company should do some soul searching, refine it's...
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