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100% Positive Reviews
Rated #299 in Universal Fit


Pros: Detail, treble, timbre

Cons: Possible comfort issues (requires deep fit)


Imagine the GR07 with a better refined and slightly more prominent treble, with the bass quantity, weight, and rumble toned down slightly. With that said, I suggest bassheads to look away (why would you be looking at a TWFK in the first place?). The bass is well controlled and will show up when called for, though obviously not enough to satisfy a basshead, but is adequate for me personally. In terms of what genres the GR01s can handle, they are like the GR07s, in that they can handle basically any genre you throw at them; but I’d still prefer to avoid any bass-heavy genres as the quantity won’t suffice, although the bass does extend deep and has good punch.
I wouldn’t consider the GR01 as an upgrade from the GR07 although it is better in its technical ability. I regard it to be as a complement in the sense that if I want to listen to bass-heavier music, I can rely on the GR07, and switch to the GR01 if the treblehead (no that doesn’t mean I’m a treblehead) within me craves sparkle.
To sum up its sound signature, the GR01s are quite natural with forward vocals, and with slight bias towards the higher frequencies.
These were purchased from LendMeURears for $190SGD (approx. $150USD). Normal price is $260SGD (approx. $206USD)

VSONIC's new flagship

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