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Vorzuge VorzAMPduo


Pros: Gd size, detail-driven, spacious & gd seperation, neutral w/boosts off, bass boost GREAT, treble boost very effective, dead silent (treble boost off)

Cons: So-so battery life, treble boost attracts some noticeable hiss, front panel a bit crowded (though I do prefer having in and out on the same side)

Taking size, weight, shape, design, sound quality, and other pluses (EQduo, good looks, German engineering), this is up till now my ultimate choice (I STRESS: up till now) for portable amps.


Bass boost is a dream comes true even for a non-basshead like me.............it raises the level of the bass fairly linearly from the very bottom to midbass without sacrificing any bit of the bass details. It offers a real tight bass with plenty of oomph and slam, without any hint of flabbiness.


Treble boost, on the other hand, works not to extend the highs into the cloud........rather it serves mainly to raise sharpness and musicality.............emotional info in vocals (especially female vocals) get across more freely. It MUST be noted that the treble boost attracts a noticeable amount of hiss - it is not really discernable when the music is on but it is definitely there.


(Coming from RSAssss, 2Stepdance, ADL Cruise, GSlee Voyager, L3, and tried uHA120)


P.S. With all its goodness..........I'd say it's still a bit on the pricey side............hence -1 star for value. It's worth its price, yes, but definitely not the bargain of the year.

Vorzuge VorzAMPduo

VorzAMPduo™ comprises of 4 internal amplifiers with top notch components to give its listeners the ultimate audio experience/clarity. Besides great audio fidelity VorzAMPduo™ packs enough power to feed any energy hungry professional Headphone. Through our handcrafted assembly, stringent testing and audio matching procedures our boutique company is able to ensure high hardware quality. VorzAMPduo™ is a fully Analog System, meaning absolutely no quantization error or any inaccuracy due to Aliasing. The audio capabilities of this exceptional Headphone Amplifier exceeds beyond the audible range into the subsonic and supersonic frequencies; this is because research has shown that though such frequencies can’t be heard, it can be felt. VorzAMPduo™ has the unique EQduo™ integrated into its circuits, compacting the function of a professionally preset Equalizer into a portable device.

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