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Violectric HPA V200 Reviews


Capable, well made amp with some shortcomings.


Pros: Smaller physical size than expected. Top notch build quality. Stays fairly cool even when on 24/7. Soundstage larger than V181.

Cons: Smears detail in comparison to V181. Textures have little depth.

I was sent the V800, V181, and V200 Violectric products to demonstrate at the 2014 Austin Head-fi meet, so I wanted to drop a short review of the 3 items before sending them back. This review will be copied for both amps and I will review the DAC separately. I have had several days with these products in my home, testing with multiple headphones and comparing to products I own and other products I have for demonstration from other companies. The setup I used for the bulk of my listening was using the V800 as DAC and switching between the V181 and V200. Occasionally I would toss in a different DAC or a different amp to confirm what I was hearing.Click the spoiler for a copy of my...
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The Warm Solid State, The V200


Pros: Warm, lush, inviting sound

Cons: some detail smearing, soundstage compression, and treble roll off

        Hi all, Zombie-X here again with another review for the good boys and girls of Head-Fi.org. Up today I have the Violectric HPA V200, which is developed and manufactured by Lake-People for their subdivision named "Violectric". I have had ample time to listen and compare this amp with my other amps and it's quite a nice amp, but how does it compare to other amps in the price range?   I would love to give a big thanks to both Robert at Aphrodite Cu29 for supplying me with the Violectric V200 as well as information and guidance. Robert is quite a nice guy and was ready to send the amps for review, what a...
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Truly high end amp without the truly high end price


Pros: Excellent sound quality, very smooth yet detailed, powerful with great dynamics, superb bass reproduction, very good build quality

Cons: Limited as far as inputs - basically only good for one input at a time

http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/551173/review-violectric-hpa-v200-amp   See above for my in depth review. In summary: This is one of my all time favorite amps. I find that it is a worthwhile upgrade even over great budget amps like the Matrix M-stage or Yulong A100, without costing an insane price. If I could do it all over I'd probably get this amp as my one and only amp, or perhaps supplement it with a more colored tube amp. I am seriously considering offloading my expensive Luxman P-1u because I haven't really touched it since obtaining the V200. It's that good. 

V200 Impressions

  The V200 seems to be a very well balanced amp in every aspect of its sonic presentation.  By this I mean its frequency presentation seems to be equally consistent throughout the entire spectrum from the very low bass all the way throughout the upper treble. This consistency  gives the V200 a very smooth, even and natural tonal balance.  This well balanced tonal character gives the amp a smooth, almost liquid sense, a somewhat silky feel. Never is there a hint of artificial or electronic reproduction taking place. When I say silkiness and smoothness I do not mean to infer a lack of detail or leading edge blurriness but quite the contrary, there is plenty of inner...
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Frank I

Violectric V200 The Smooth Operator


Pros: quiet,musical and great bass

Cons: soundstage can be a little restricted

Review: Violectric V200 the Smooth Operator   German made products always spike my interest. When I think of products manufactured in Germany usually what comes to mind are precise products that are well designed and usually built well. The Violectric V200 is one such product. Developed and designed by Freid Reim and manufactured in Germany the V200 is a superbly built and designed headphone amplifier. The company Lake People has been building both professional and home use amplifiers since 1986 in Germany. Freid told me he hires educated employees and pays them well so his products are always manufactured to high standards. He only uses high quality parts and from the look...
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Quality Amp


Pros: Sound fantastic, quality build, versatile

Cons: Looks a bit boring

After several months, I used both the V200 and Burson HA-160D. I find that they both are excellent amps to e.g. K702, LCD-2, HE-300 and HE-500. Last week I decided that the 160D had to go, since I always reverted to the V200 for all these headphones. There is something likeable with the V200 sound signature and build quality.   The project86 and WA reviews elaborate further.
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