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Super portable, great sounding

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Pros: Portability factor is high, kevlar cables, sound quality, included carrying case

Cons: Small soundstage, somewhat uncomfortable for long listening sessions

Whenever i saw these at best buy, i became very excited. Why? Because i just was. I have seen reviews where people have them on their head, and they were not bulky, obnoxious, whatever. They were super slim, and i really liked that about these. I got these from best buy online with a gift card, and the second i placed the order, i was overcome with excitement. Now, to me, the unboxing experience is nothing to brag about, although v-moda has done a good job with packaging so far. The headphones only come with one cable as opposed to two, like with the M80s, which these are supposed to be the successor to. Now, let's jump into the sound quality:


In terms of bass, i really enjoyed that aspect of these. It works well with all types of music, and it never becomes a problem in the sense that they never muddies up the lower mids, and it never becomes overwhelming. The bass has a punchy effect to it more than a rumble effect, so it works well with more types of music as opposed to just working for hip hop, rap and dubstep.


The midrange, to me, sounds like it is in the background, somewhat. It is nothing drastic, the mids are still well balanced. You hear vocals pretty clearly, and the bass never becomes intrusive. It seems like their is a scoop in the mids, in the sense that female vocals are heard more than male vocals. They are more up front in the music, which is why i said they are prominent than male vocals.


Treble response is really great, to me. These headphones pretty much have the right amount of treble. Cymbal crashes are easily heard, and they never are covered up by the bass because, like i said, the bass has more of a punchy effect as opposed to a rumble effect. 


My overall opinion of these headphones is really positive. I do enjoy listening to these. Even more than my M100s. So, thanks for checking out this review. Sorry for not saying a ton of things about these. Anyway, bye. 


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