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Great portable package (easily fit in a coat pocket) with lush beautiful midrange, easily one of the best on ear headphones on the market today

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Pros: small form factor(folds up!), very very comfortable absolutely gorgeous mids, fairly linear overall bass, good treble extension,balanced overall sound

Cons: isolation(better for walking around,busing>airplanes or subway), slight more midbass (punch) than my preferred, wish soundstage was bigger

below is a  video review review of of the v-moda xs! check out my channel(like and subscribe) recently uploaded a review and comparison with the v-moda m100s as well!
keep reading for the full length written review:

the following is a condensed version of my review that i posted on youtube here is the link if you would like a more indepth review here is the link [...]

Be sure to check out the other videos on my channels- i had made a comparison between the V-Moda XS and the well renowed V-Moda M100s here as well
The links will be in the comment section below

The V-moda XS is a replacement for the V-Moda M80s, the #1 on ear headphone on a biggest headphone enthusiasist community head-fi.

Features and Accessories
The headphone folds up it easily fits in your coat pocket and fit snuggly in the carrying case. There are two input jacks (cables are detachable= easily replaceable). So you can plug the cables in on either side. Daisy chain them- share your audio with others by plugging their headphones into the empty input. The earcups are on ear and are on the smaller side, so when you have it around your neck, its not going to hit your chin when your turning your head in different directions. Comes with 1 , one button smartphone compatible cable, kevlar reinforced.

Build quality and design
The V- Moda XS are built like a tank like all V-Moda headphones are built to a military grade standard. The headband band is made of a very flexible "steelflex headband", easily able to take basically any abuse you put it through. The overall construction is made up of metal and high quality plastic. The XS come with "Clique fold" hinges similar to the V-Moda M100s allows the headphones to collapse to a size that can easily fit in your coat pocket, and unlike most hinges, it looks a feels substantial and doesn't look like a point of weakness. The shields are customizable, to different colours and you put custom designs on it to make as individualized and unique as you want it.

At a weight of 190g it basically disappears on your head and around you neck

Comfort & Isolation
The single most comfortable on ear headphone i've ever tried. Typically on ears are not the most comfortable because their pressing against your ears, but V-moda found a perfect balance between comfort and secure. i use them straight off my ipod/iphone at about 45% and they work well walking around downtown, on bus. Decent when in cafeteria, just okay for subway use. So if your a heavy commuter and need completely silence the XS won't help you there. (i don't recommend turning up the volume to block out noise, thats asking for permanent hearing damage)

Sound Quality
Its a great balance between fun, exciting, yet smooth relaxing all while staying fairly balenced through the sound spectrum.

Bass is emphasized but no where near the standard in most consumer headphones. Its fairly linear from the Sub-bass (subwoofer, rumbling, bass you can feel) to the mid bass (the punchy bass, you hear in most music). With a slight more punch > rumble.

The Midrange is at the forefront, (its forward) vocals are pure and lush, and absolutely natural yet very clear. Male and female vocals shine and command attention. So your Adeles, Mariah Carey, Adam Levine, Celine Dion all the way to Gangnam Style will sound amazing

Treble is articulate with decent extension yet laid back but never harsh or fatiguing. I do wish there was a bit more sparkle and a bit more lively but that might make it harsh so its okay.

Sounds like its being played in a small room. Which is good for an on ear but nothing like a full size open headphone so be sure to keep that in mind



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